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Pardon Me (I’m Sure Your Wig Is Here Somewhere)

Dear Ann,
Gee thanks. I couldn’t sleep last night because of that creepy baby-faced kid. As a public service, I’ll see your Baby, and raise you one:
Vampire Baby. (I agree, she’s not nearly as scary as Creepy Baby. But she’s trying.)
What’s frightening about this picture is that Ben’s skull was made by a real Florentine mask artist. For practicality, the satin ribbons were replaced with a piece of elastic waistband salvaged from God-knows-where and velcro’d to the Work of Art. Going trick-or-treating in this mask is like calling up your friend Edvard Munch and saying, “Hey buddy, is it OK if I poke holes in that “Scream” painting you gave me, ’cause it would make an awesome Halloween outfit?”
A True Halloween ConversationTM
Kay: [Tone: Enthusiastic Grownup Being Supportive] Oooh, very scary–the Grim Reaper!
Ben: [Tone: Patiently Correcting An Idiot] No–actually I’m DEATH.
The Night Of the Living Tiny Hats
Other Halloween Week activities included the mailing to England of the hats collected for the Innocent campaign. (The Innocent people know they are coming, and granted them a guaranteed late check-in.)
I would have loved to document each and every hat knitted by kind readers and donated to the cause, but alas, time did not permit.
Hat Packaging Hi-lites included the clever use of an egg carton. (Note: Finally, a proper use for Fun Fur!)
And this impeccably blocked porkpie arrived in a wee hatbox. (I happen to know that the hat is a repurposed accessory from Knitting at Knoon’s Snobuddy family set.)
Thank you, everyone who knitted one (or many!) of our 342 hats. Here is the updated Hat-O-Meter.

That’s a lot of hats. If you’re in the UK during the holiday season, look for the be-hatted Innocent smoothies–and send pics!
PS Update! Reader Debbie S. just sent me this picture:
100! hats!– knitted by Debbie and her two young daughters, proving the old adage that the family that knits tiny hats together…knits tiny hats together. These hats are traveling separately to the UK, where they will meet up with their US cousins on the shelves of a Sainsbury’s. (I’m relieved that I’m not the only one with the urge to display hats in parade formation; wish I had thought to arrange mine chromatically!)




  1. This has all been a little TOO spooky…Booooooo!
    But seriously, those tiny hats rock! I think I even saw a miniture strawberry hat…
    And that tiny hat and hatbox–whoa to die for!
    Hope to soon see some photos from “across the pond”.

  2. The hatbox. . . I would have kept that (with hat) and hastily knitted a substitute. Fabulous.

  3. The hatbox. . . I would have kept that (with hat) and hastily knitted a substitute. Fabulous.

  4. I am awestruck at the photo of all those tiny hats. Not by the feat of knitting them, though — we all know how much fun that would be — but by the thought of arranging them so perfectly in the hallway. Great work!

  5. OMG, I think I see two of my hats! So glad to be part of such a cool project. Thanks for the heads up!

  6. Hi Kay! I just sent you a picture – I’m so sorry we did not send our hats to you, but we were a little tardy in getting them all finished. We made a hundred little tiny cute things, and mailed them straight to Innocent. I just emailed you a pic of them all finished and lined up, I hope it makes it to you, so you can add another 100 to the total of hats made in the US this year!

  7. I thought I’d missed the deadline (which is sooo me!) so I mailed my clutch of tiny hats directly to the UK. I’ll try to scare up a tech-savvy child to upload the photo I took and send it to you. (All except for the pumpkin hat which I knit at knit group at the library- to the endless entertainment of the other knitters whose bags I had to spot check to retrieve a few wandering hats! The library is next to the post office so it got mailed without documentation since I left the camera at home and my phone cam doesn’t talk to my computer.) I have already knit the first hat for next year (they are a bit addicting- you can’t knit just one!). It will be going on display at another library along with some of my other tiny things. I have always loved mini things and have ended up with quite a collection of tiny socks, a mini mitten, tiny denim jeans, a mini Noro jumper with matching cardi and not-matching Noro pullover (or pinny, cardi and jumper in Brit/Kiwi/Aussie speak) and tee-tiny sock earrings. I have til the end of the month to seam the sweaters, shrink the jeans and knit the other mitten. And maybe a few more hats…poor librarian won’t know what hit her!

  8. By the by, all of those little hats lined up in the hallway–a lovely quilt! Thanks.

  9. I’m studying in the UK and do most of my shopping at Sainsbury’s… I’m not going to talk about how unreasonably excited I am to buy these drinks just for the tiny hats. I don’t really care about the beverage; I don’t really like smoothies anyways. I just want the wee hats.

  10. That is a habadashery of hats there lady!

  11. thank you kay and and ann
    the wee hats are fun

  12. I love the pumpkin!

  13. Sooooo great! Teeny tiny little hats!

  14. I looked today in Sainsbury’s and still no behatted bottles of Innocent Smoothies. I took my camera with me though just incase!

  15. That is a seriously awesome pumpkin!!!

  16. Oh the adorable, precious, wonderfulness of these hats!

  17. on phone in middle of nowhere off coast of africa email wont work but had to say bloody well done exclamation mark you know what i mean stop love b and n stop χ

  18. Lovely hats! I can’t help but think that if the hats were auctioned off (especially that precious one with the hat box), they’d earn way more than 50p each for the cause. (Sorry for being a downer.)


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