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Perfect Sweater: Your Summer Reading Project

Dear Kay,
Go try this.* Pretty! It makes such a flowery picture of a blog. Reminds me of a mind map, kind of like the ones we have for the Perfect Handknit project . . . which I have not forgotten . . . which is marinating like a Piggly Wiggly flank steak in a bucket of lo-cal Italian dressing . . . waiting to be thrown on the grill . . .
If you’re just joining us, please feel free to enjoy some extended summer reading–you can catch up on the Perfect Handknit project, which began last September 5 here, if you scroll down. It continued until half of the participants quit and starting drinking heavily. Remember: Chartres cathedral took a couple hundred years to get just right. Are we going to stop now? NEVERRRRRRRR!
At this point we have agreed on the Perfect Yarn, the Perfect Project, and the Perfect 10,000 Details. A batch of intrepid designers are cooking up various necklines for the Perfect Sweater–I have several of the versions in hand. If you’re working on a neckline version, give a holler so I can take stock.
Wishing you a perfect Monday. We’re heading back up to La Grundy, where life gets boiled down to the simple needs: food, clothes, yarn, and the quest for a little bandwidth. It’s going to kill me to drive past the Bonnaroo site in Manchester and know that, only hours ago, Beck was there yet I was not.
*Thanks to Jerry for this cool toy.




  1. Oh I’m so glad you haven’t forgotten about the Perfect Sweater – I was about to find another use for my Cascade 220. :)

  2. Yay for the Perfect Sweater!!! Cannot wait!

  3. I saw that flowery thing, too, and can’t quite figure out how it makes the pattern. Nice, though. Embroider it on your next perfect sweater!

  4. This was SO much fun. It’s ART!

  5. Thanks so much for sending us to the blog grapher! It’s fun to watch it grow, and as you note, the end result is so pretty and flowery.
    I’m going to put up there result of graphing my blog, but not right now, I’m supposed to be working…..

  6. That’s so funny, I was JUST thinking about the Perfect Sweater project on my drive back to the office at lunch time, and then I check my feeds, and here’s this post. I must have heard you typing!

  7. I was gettting worried that The Perfect Sweater Project had gone by the wayside, or somehow I’d missed it, but didn’t want to say anything. I’m glad to know it’s still in the works! The web grapher is waaay cool.

  8. Have you seen the Cascade 220 ad that mentiones the knitters of masondixonknitting voted Cascade 220 as the perfect yarn? I haven’t seen that mentioned here.

  9. My husband suggested http://www.belsouth.net what a surprise. Then I typed in http://www.yahoo.com and got a beautiful picture. Very fun toy. I’m sending the site info to my dad. Thank you.

  10. Flank steak in a bucket of dressing–can it get any better? Pass the margs while that thing marinates.

  11. Yay, can’t wait for the perfect sweater, just in time for fall (winter?).

  12. Where is Kymm having her Flank Steak party? I’ll bring desert. If my birthday weren’t in January, we would BBQ a marinated Flank steak for my birthday dinner every year. This is sounding better the more I think about it. Happy knitting from Margaritaville!

  13. Very much enjoyed reading the archives and I’m looking forward to the Perfect Sweater. HOWEVER…(ahem)… now you have exposed me to Shirret as well as several more photos of the one-skein wonder. I am already queen of fifty-projects-at-once land, now I may have to open a branch office!

  14. I love the html graph – I went to the site and tried it for my blog. What a great idea!

  15. Ooo! Fun toy! I wonder if the different colors mean something? Or are they random?

  16. Hi Ann! I have been neglecting my little blog for . . . well for a while now. But I wanted to check in and say I just need to test knit the square neck and then I will have it on its way to you.
    By the way – Any updates to the big Tour schedule? We are still waiting for word on ya’ll’s much-anticipated-and-as-of-yet-nonexistent visit to the West Coast.

  17. the tweedy blanket is looking great. appears we just missed you on I-24 … we stayed in Winchester for Bonnaroo (hubby doesn’t camp). you should try and make it one year – 3+ days, 80K people, music from 12p to 3a. and this year they greatly expanded the music types (started out as mostly jam, acoustic, folk bands).
    and yes, beck live this year :)

  18. Still working on the jewel neck cardigan, I swear! Moving out of state and getting boxes jumbled is my current excuse…