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Perfect Yarn: Waning Days of the Discount

Dear everybody,
First of all, I have no idea whether Kay made it to the Newark airport in time to make her flight yesterday. She did call me at what I thought was an alarmingly late hour in the day to chat about felted balls and whatnot. “Shouldn’t you, like, be trying to figure out how to get to Newark or something?” I asked. She was all “Piece of cake it’s not that far a walk and I only have the kids and luggage so it shouldn’t be a problem.” I couldn’t tell whether she was being fatalistic or just her usual stalwart Willa Catherish-we-just-get-through-it-all self.
Those city folk. I’m more freaked out about getting to Kroger’s than she is about negotiating a transit strike with seven million other people.
I have just received the news that the Fiber Gallery, the fabulous yarn shop out west who has given us 25% off Cascade 220 (The Perfect Yarn), will be ending their discount on December 31. That means that you have about a week to dither some more, stare at the shade card, and get yer order in. Look to your right in the Snippets column for the details. Thank you, Mary and Jessica, for a great deal!




  1. Hi Ann! I just wanted to check in. Have you sent out the sweater pattern yet and I just missed it? I am all prepared to do that square neckline but haven’t seen the pattern. I wanted to make sure it hadn’t been swallowed up by some over-active mail filter.

  2. Ack – must order yarn! Thanks for the heads up.

  3. Holy Cascade 220, Batman. I had no idea and I’m only a bridge away from the store. I’m so there. It’ll be a Merry Cascade Christmas to me, this weekend. Thanks for the info.

  4. I’m hyperventilating, Ann. Truly hyperventilating, because I think you are wearing me down and that means I have to go buy 800 skeins of Cascade 220, and I don’t even know if they make that many in a dye lot and I need that much because I know I’ll screw up or find a knot in my yarn and the dog will eat 1 or 2 skeins and I don’t know if I can knit this sweater.
    Plus, I have to convince my roommate that I do actually need 800 more skeins of yarn. *sigh*

  5. Must order yarn as well. But how much? Can you give us some guesses for a medium Perfect Sweater? I’m fine with buying a ball or two too many (can’t you just see with an accessorizing hat)…

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