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Please Help Us Help Gale!

UPDATE! Gale has moved from #131 to #23–if she makes the top 20, she goes to the final judging, done by the Microsoft folks. Please keep those votes coming in! Spread the word!!!! The knittas can put her over the top!
Dear everybody,
QUICK! We have the chance to help the amazing photographer/knitter/blogger Gale Zucker get her dream assignment.
Microsoft is giving grants to photographers in a Name Your Dream Assignment contest. Gale would be PERFECT for this.
Gale writes: “I’m proposing going to Heifer Project sites around the world, to photograph and tell the stories of how the work they do changes lives directly by giving people the ability to support themselves. You know my commitment to social issues, animals, farms, youth and trying to do some good in this world. Being funded for this Dream Assignment project would enable me to multiply my efforts beyond any way I could imagine or have been able to do until now.”
Gale took the photos for our new book, which was great fun. Her book Shear Spirit shows how well she can capture whole worlds with her exquisite photographs. Now, she has the chance to use her talent for an extraordinary project, and we hope you’ll help her win this contest.
TODAY is the last day for voting, so please read more about Gale’s wonderful project idea, and vote here.
We can make a big difference in the voting if we all take a minute to do this. Thanks so much for reading this.
Ann and Kay




  1. Did it!

  2. Did it!

  3. Oops, didn’t mean to post that 3 times!

  4. Dear A & K, Thanks a gazillion million for your support. I love that photo, it brings back such fun memories- xmas in june in Monteagle! (and your neighbors thought the cottage was on fire).
    I made a contest on my blog for anyone who votes or passes the word just leave a comment if you’ve voted already
    xoxox gale
    ps I am almost in the top 100 wooohooooo!

  5. Gale is so talented, funny & nice – this would be a wonderful project and she is the perfect person to do it. It was a privilege to vote for her.

  6. She’s broken into the top 100! 🙂

  7. Love the idea, love the photos she takes. Voted!

  8. I voted. I love Heifer International, it’s my favorite charity and I love Gale’s photos, too. I hope she wins.

  9. I voted

  10. I love this project thanks so much for supporting it, I hope she wins!!!

  11. I voted. To bad you couldn’t have contacted the Bonnie Hunt show when this started. Bonnie has mentioned Heifer International several time on her program.

  12. Gale is an excellent photographer with a heart! I voted!

  13. voting page is not loading. will try again.
    Good luck, Gale!!

  14. Went and took care of that business!

  15. i voted indeed i did

  16. just voted – #32!

  17. She’s up to 27! Keep voting people, keep voting!

  18. She’s at #26!!!

  19. Ooops make that #25!

  20. No. 1000 to vote for Gale – but why stop there? Heifer Project is terrific.


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