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Please Stand By

Dear readers,
Weblogmate Kay is experiencing one of the plagues of the Internet: no phone connection. May she be spared from any others: viruses, power surges, lightning strikes, spam, popups, chain letters, toads, flies, lice, boils, hail, and locusts.
We look forward to her return once she gets right with God, or at least pays the phone bill.
In the meantime, aha! I have a complete monopoly on Mason-Dixon Knitting! I shall post a baby picture!
My fella in his Nashville Sounds hat with his cousin at the beach.
Love to everyone,



  1. i waved my magic wand over kay’s head last night as part of a valiant effort to get rid of her seemingly bad electomagnetic charma. if that doesn’t work, there is always sage. love the kid photo and although i know that the photo is a v. recent one, with all of this rainy cold weather, its seems like summer was a long time ago.
    keep the rows moving with birch!

  2. Dear Ann– Keep the creepy disembodied-head photos of your darlings coming. A: they’re adorable–in a sort of Wednesday Addams/Wolfie Munster/Ted Williams way–and 2) they keep us in the running with Glampyre and our other goth knitting friends on the web!! And that’s KEY!!!
    I am digging out of my no-internet-connection backlog. Can you believe that I have not been to eBay in more than THREE WEEKS!!!?? Mars has been here and back, and I have not seen the Kaffe Fassett/Rowan/Noro offerings. I have been forced to drag my non-virtual physical person to the LYS, where I must interface with other humans in order to buy bags of Handknit DK Cotton in the most lurid pastel shades available.
    The penultimate relatives (brother & spouse) leave tomorrow. We then get a respite from non-stop making-people-love-New-York….for a week. Then Mom and Dad, aka Frank and Lill, arrive for a week. Will have to blog about them, as they are a hoot. Dad is the famous ‘Portly Dad’ for whom I mobilized the Rowanettes, and especially Yvonne, to search their vast pattern archives for raglan-sleeve jacket patterns. Now I’m searching for bulky yarn for Bulky Dad’s bulky jacket. XXL, tweedy, heathery, something that will look spiffy with Portly D’s stately Stetson. Kind of a Rockford Files esthetic.
    I have been knitting like mad and snapping away with the Kay-cam. Heavy on the denim, square-shaped, rusticated items.
    Love, see you soon–go ahead and post our replies to Lis’s interview questions! XO Kay


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