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Ravelympics Finish Line

Dear Ann,
When I send something off to Afghans for Afghans, I sometimes hear that someone saw my thing “in the Basement.” I try to imagine this Basement, stacked with cardboard boxes and tender woolly handknits. I wonder, sometimes, if The Basement is something that was made up to enhance the mystique–already considerable–of sending something to A4A. Today I have evidence that The Basement is real.
Authentic basement atmosphere–you just can’t fake it. From left to right, volunteers Annette, Laura, and Antje. Each has her own special role. Annette opens boxes for hours without stopping (cardboard trembles, duct tape melts), Laura flits around Ravelry, inspiring everyone with her beautiful knits for Afghanistan and making sure the supply of handknit donations is not interrupted, and Antje has miraculous powers of Garment Resuscitation and Rehabilitation. (When I confessed to Laura that my shawl had blocked out a couple inches too narrow, she said, oh, not to worry, *we* might fix it in the Basement. The thought of someone–Antje and company– having to pick up stitches to add girth onto my shawl shamed me into doing it myself.)
Anyhoo, as Ravelympians cast on today (or tonight, although the Opening Ceremonies have already happened in China, so I think it’s legal to cast on right now), I thought it would be fun to see the Basement. It’s the finish line for the Sweater Sprint; it’s the mat we hope to pin our WIPs to in Greco-Roman WIP Wrestling; it’s the balance beam from which we are going to flip and STICK THE LANDING.
And remember, you don’t have to be in Ravelry to knit during the Olympics, or to knit for A4A. Knit your heart out!



  1. Knit your heart out. I like that. I’m not on ravelympics, but I do belong to the Ravely Fans of Afghans for Afghanistan and I see a lot of heart in that group. It’s a great cause and a great group of people and I’ve read how your support helps them. They truly are awesome and I loved getting to see the basement too – thanks for the photo! t

  2. I still love that wrap. It’s fabulous!

  3. simply handsome, kay!!!

  4. Looks as if Antje’s halo fell behind one of the cartons. I love our 3 graces … ALL of our basement graces. They make the afghans for Afghans project happen. All Mason-Dixon readers are welcomed to join us for packing when in the SF Bay Area. Come see the basement for yourselves!


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