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Re: A Vanished Post

My only comments:
1. Too sick to knit is a bad, bad thing. Very sorry for your misery.
2. Who would name a sweater Salt Lake City? Of COURSE it’s miserable.
3. Re the solace of 15-ball stockinette: I’m thinking of starting a king-size blanket, garter stitch, that I will turn to whenever a project is misbehaving. I will use whatever yarn I have in excess, and it will be the ultimate mindless piece of knitting. Once I cast on the 1500 stitches, on those 70″ circulars, I’ll be on my way.
4. Your dream is a killer. It warms my heart that you picture me in Target, and even more that you accurately picture me with unnecessary plastic objects.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. To be poor without bitterness is easy; to be rich without arrogance is hard.


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