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Should Old Blogquaintance Be Forgot

Dear knitting friends, both far and near
It’s Mason-Dixon Knitting here.
Your frabjous galpals, Ann and Kay
Are hollering, “calloo! callay!”
Our inspiration: that elegant codger,
The New Yorker’s arch Angell, Roger
We don’t expect to do him justice
R-to-the-A busts our rhyming–trust us.
‘Tis seasonish to offer greetings
Lushily, at cocktail meetings
The Interwebs save us the trek
(Next year, let’s do it at Rhinebeck!)
To everyone who hoists a needle
Including Eggplant (and her Deedle)
Those who knit with greatest speed’ll
Try to keep up with Zeneedle
We hung socks on our Chrismukkah tree
With yarn from What’s That Gonna Be?
On New Year’s Eve, at fetes uproarious
We’ll raise our bubbles to Knitorious
And throw air kisses, light and friendy
To our constant knitter, Wendy
What a pity there’s no way to
Cin-cin with Mustaa Villaa and Tilkkupeitto
They’re all the way across in Finland
(Not Helsinki–further inland).
2008 was gone too soon
It took our stitches to the Moon
Oh-eight brought babies, so much fun
To Mind of Winter and January One
But the year wouldn’t have been half so fine
Without Henrietta, Merna, and Purling Swine
As bloggers on their book tours barnstorm,
We mourn the sad demise of Yarnstorm.
But think of how much worse the shock it
Would have been without Jane Brocket!
And whither MagKnits– why no link?
It popped off, quicker than a wink.
To paraphrase from Conway Twitty,
We couldn’t stand you leavin’, Knitty!
May the year bestow great riches
Upon the pen that drew It Itches
And on the glorious depth and breadth
Of all the works by Harlot Steph,
On She Shoots Sheep Shots.
Who thinks deep thoughts,
And those books fantastic (albeit rarer)
From yarn’s Marie Curie, sweetheart Clara.
Election year risked knitblog drama
Some knit for Clinton, some for Obama
But civility ruled (in the main)
Twixt Obama and McCain
Recession, though it’s not the nicest
Reminds us to “knit through a crisis”.
This word to our President-elect
Is wiser than he may suspect:
To make peace (and to spend that debt),
Put knitters in your cabinet!
We hope St. Nick brought you a hybrid car
(Or at least one for your Ravatar)
Cashmere for Donder, reinhair for Blitzen
And a coupla tickets to see Frost/Nixon
We wish you a year stuffed with projecks divine
Like ChicKnits and the Twist wunderkinder design.
But if–on occasion–your knitting turns tatty,
A pox of knots on the blogger who says something catty!
(But that doesn’t mean there’s a rule against grudgin’;
It’s a must for Queer Joe and the Knitting Curmudgeon.)
The economy’s in the tank, but boy do
We hope we can still buy Koigu.
May the woes be limited to stock
(And nothing as vital as Socks That Rock).
Speaking of the Wall Street crash:
Sell Grandma’s ring, but hold your stash.
To the venerable ghost of Knitsmas Past,
Our ever-pious thoughts we cast:
Elizabeth Zimmermann, hear us plead
For more photos on Brooklyn Tweed!
Forty shots is not enough (at all!)
For an exquisitely soft-focus shawl.
The first day of the year, at break of dawn,
As we cast on ’09’s first Norah Gaughan,
We’ll leave the old year without sorrow;
There’s always more to knit, tomorrow.
Wishing you peace, love and natural fibers,
in 2009 and beyond.
Ann and Kay
(Note: All photos taken during preparations for our annual honky-tonk New Year’s bash. We started in September.)




  1. Oh, my word. What would we all do without you two? Happy New Year!

  2. Happy New Year to you two, too! Thank you for the entertainment.

  3. I feel like I’ve happened upon the special features disc! Such really, really good out takes! Happy New Year to both of you, knitting partners in crime.

  4. Perfect post! Happy new year to you both!

  5. Happy New Year to you too… and those rhymes are good!!!

  6. You would make anyone sad happy with this post! Happy New Year!!!

  7. You would make anyone sad happy with this post! Happy New Year!!!

  8. Ya’ll know that was so tacky that it was really good! I’m up early, and trying not to guffaw loudly and wake the household.
    Happy New Year!

  9. Oh my goodness, what fun you two are! Happy New Year from Oregon!

  10. Ladies that was beautiful!
    I look forward to my morning does of MDK and this has been another cracking year from you guys – especially the song! It’s nice to see those outfits again, I didn’t realise they were long (but really, why not – how could they be anything but).
    My sister gave me your book for Xmas (together with a request for a blanket) – fantastic.
    Looking forward to much more wit anf knitting in 2009. Happy New Year!

  11. Excellent ! William McGonagal’s got nothing on you.
    Happy New Year to you both from the nation that knows how to celebrate Hogmanay ;0
    Heather x

  12. Sorry – I meant McGonagall :0)

  13. As the kids say, you guys are AWESOME! What a great way to start the day. Wishing you both a Happy and Healthy New Year!!!

  14. Many thanks for all you do, this was great!

  15. My oh my! The New Year just wouldn’t be the same without you! Love the pictures – you have such wonderful gumption. Hugs to all.

  16. Aha – a gin drinker! No wonder we love you!
    Happy, creative new year!

  17. Happy New Year, gals!!! XO

  18. Happy New Year to you both! I’m hoping that ’09 brings me to Nashville and NYC, and perhaps the both of you to Atlanta….

  19. Happy New Year to you both!
    I got your book for Christmas, and it was a delight to weep over Fern again, and to read all your blabbing. (I also got a 3-CD set of Tom Jones! Read knitting books and listen to Tom Jones, what could be better?)
    Happy 2009!

  20. Oh My Goodness. You two are the best, truly.
    Happy New Year!!!
    (And yes, Rhinebeck. I’ll be there.)

  21. Oh My Goodness. You two are the best, truly.
    Happy New Year!!!
    (And yes, Rhinebeck. I’ll be there.)

  22. I love y’all! Happy New Year!

  23. Absolutely hilarious! Ann, you look like you should be singing a 70’s country ballad like Stand By Your Man! And Kay, bubbela, words escape me. Both of ya, barely recognizable. Keep up the good work; maybe now that Angel Hair is no more, I will have more time to knit some of the beauties from your publications…
    Happy New Year from Nashville and thanks for the laughs!

  24. You two are such a hoot! Love ya both, have a great 2009 — I’ll be reading every word y’all write!

  25. Now that’s a way to usher in the New Year. Cheers! Just as a side note, you have given my mother a new lease on her knitting life and, as we celebrated her 80th birthday on Christmas morning, we all unwrapped some jolly MDK dishtowels. Thank you.

  26. that is hilarious! Thanks for the wonderful post and Happy New Year!

  27. Thank you for the cheering up!! Both of you are so funny! Love the Christmas stockings from an earlier post, gotta get mine started for 2009 Christmas. Love your new book!

  28. You’re brilliant freaks. I bow down to the both of you and your hair.

  29. can’t say much…my sides hurt too bad!!! Awesome gals….can’t wait for another year of MDK!

  30. Wishing a fibery and fuzzy New Year to both of you! Thanks for your wit and wisdom!

  31. That was awesome. You guys are the best. Happy 2009!

  32. Fabulous, as usual.

  33. You girls just ROCK! Thanks for such a great blog-land wrap-up for the end of the year!

  34. You girls just ROCK! Thanks for such a great blog-land wrap-up for the end of the year!

  35. OMG! Whoot!
    Happy New Year, gals…I can’t imagine knitting without you!

  36. Way to finish with a flourish!! This is SO WONDERFUL, I do hope you sent a link to Mary Elizabeth Who Knows Big Hair. I can’t decide which is my favorite. Kay with Gin? or Ann- out in PUBLIC?
    Happy new year and I look forward to more adventures together in 2009! MWAH!

  37. Wow! This is wonderful and scary!
    Happy 2009!

  38. Now I am ready to knit in the New Year! (I may have to get out my beehive wig and muumuu!

  39. Love, love, love.
    (Love is all we need.)
    All the best in 2009

  40. Whoa. Looks to be a little early in the day to hit the gin. No wonder the tree is crooked. But if you need a little fortification for those last rows…who am I to judge… Merry New Year and thanks for the laughs. Please invite me to your next pahtay. I will bring a wig and more gin.

  41. Not to begrudge you family time, but I was jonesing for your return. Happy New Year.

  42. Big hair rules!

  43. May you take the Oscar and the Emmy! Here’s to a great 2009 for the Mason Dixon Duo!!

  44. Happy New Year to all.

  45. what are you gals drinking??? i want some!

  46. Happy New Year, you wild women you!

  47. Happy New Year! Those behind-the-scenes photos are a little eerie in an alternate universe way! Chiffon and cocktails for everyone!

  48. Wow..that was amazing..

  49. WONDERFUL post! (And, great outfits, too.) With such exalted company, I suppose I shouldn’t be too sad that you didn’t revisit our interview, huh?
    (Though, that was one of the highlights of my year!)
    Thanks for all you do, you two!

  50. Oh. My. Gawd.
    That’s eggzackly how I look when I’m lolling about the house, sipping my gin and cranberry and knitting. Except my fake eyelashes are way longer.
    Thank heavens you two are on the side of good. Imagine such brilliance in the wrong hands!!!

  51. Happy New Year! Thanks for all you do to bring joy into the world (at least my world). May 2009 be filled with joy and happiness

  52. that was the best end of year message ever. Merry New Year to you both.

  53. I’m speechless…laughing but speechless! love it! enjoy your new years ladies!!

  54. Dear Ann and Kay,
    I especially liked this not only for the clever writing, but because my dial-up doesn’t really do U-Tube, so I got to have a good look at your ‘big hair’, with outfits to match. You guys are beautiful!
    Thanks for the New Years entry. It’s been a rough week without you; you just don’t know how rough…
    Wishing you a happy, healthy 2009, my dears.

  55. And Happy New Year to y’all, too!

  56. You two are too funny! Happy New Year!

  57. Wishing you all the best in 2009!
    And thanks for all the links, laughs and inspiration!

  58. lead us not in to temptation
    happy new year to every one
    do you think if we break mirrors
    we could get the bad luck over with
    and have a jolly new year
    every cloud has a siver lineing
    some times its a little hard
    to get it to the mint

  59. Oh, it’s such a pity indeed! Cin-cin, kippis! Hyvää uutta vuotta! 🙂

  60. I just l.u.r.v.e y’all! Y’all need to be my next door neighbors.
    Thanks for the laughs and joy!
    Happy New Year!!!

  61. Finally, Outside the Lines was opened on Christmas morning, a gift from my son whom I sent on an autograph mission to Purl Soho. YEA…of course he encouraged me to read aloud to the family the inscription, relishing the part in parenthesis from MDK authors, “Andrew is the coolest!” Yes, I agree especially coming from two of the coolest knitters I know..virtually that is. I am going to print off his picture from the MDK blog along with the print for a book plate. Thank you for helping to jump start 2009 in a very special way. Happy New Year to all.
    PS he works for a record label..office near Purl…just sayin…you know…in case the knitting thing doesn’t work out for you two 😉

  62. Happy New Year you two. You have no idea how I look forward to your posts and what a treat it is when there is a new one. Thanks for all the fun, music, wisdom, patterns, and new book! Great fun to you both in the New Year!

  63. Happy New Year Ann and Kay! Blessings to you and yours and thanks for such an entertaining and inspirational blog!

  64. so I’m on the phone with Cara and she’s telling me something or other about all the construction on her building. I am half listening to her while I browse blogs. Here is the rest of the conversation.
    Cara, “and then my balcony. It’s my busies time, how am I going to stand it?”
    Ann, “Did you read Ann & Kay?”
    Cara, “Yeah, isn’t it great?”
    Ann, “They’re kicking our asses.”

  65. I love that there is a place on the internet where I can read about Koigu and Roger Angell in the same blog post.
    Can’t wait to see what y’all cook up in 2009!

  66. You are just “two” clever!! Very funny. Happy 2009.

  67. You are just “two” clever!! Very funny. Happy 2009.

  68. You 2 are a hoot!!! Thanks for the fun – I wouldn’t miss your blog – I check it often. Best wishes for 2009!

  69. i love you both. such a great entry. i wish you the very best for l’an neuf (2009?) and to all of your readers as well.

  70. Margene forgot to mention the Grammy that I’m sure you’ll walk away with hands-down! Terrific fun. Happy New Year to you!!

  71. I really and truly thought you’d met the B-52’s before I snapped to. Stunning!

  72. That was brilliant ladies, as always. Happy New Year!

  73. Fierce!

  74. A little late to the party yet loving it! Will alert all fans encountered here in PDX that an album may be next.
    Happiest possible 2009 to you both. yours, naomi

  75. OMG! that’s awesome. you never can get ready too early 😉


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