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Snowflakes and General Flakiness

Dear Kay,
Aw, we have a bit of snow this morning in Nashville. Here’s a look out the kitchen window.
These were taken through the glass, about an inch away from the snowflakes.
Teeny Project Runway Is ON
Oh, man. The entries have already begun to show up in ye olde Teeny Project Runway In Box.
If anybody needs a little Tim Gunn-style counsel and advice, email us about your problem client, send a photo if you can, and we’ll have a little workshop to figure out how to make it work.
If you’re wondering what the heck Teeny Project Runway is, here are the rules for the contest. Plenty of time to enter: deadline is Monday, February 25. Bring it on!




  1. I’m still debating the Teeny Project Runway, but the snowflake pictures are awesome! That there is some nice photography, lady!

  2. WOW! What kind of camera and lens did you use? Seriously. Simply amazing.

  3. Fabulous snow photos! Your snow is much cleaner than ours!

  4. Did you see Dr. Mel’s blog this morning? http://cabezalana.blogspot.com/
    Best laugh I’ve had all day.

  5. I have not yet made the first tough decision: which model? There are two SERIOUS contenders, and I can’t knit the garment first and make the choice of model later, because one of them has four feet and one of them has no feet at all. I had NO IDEA it was so difficult to be a high-fashion designer. Up til now, I thought I hadn’t done it just because I’ve been busy ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Damn cool photos there.

  7. Wow! Your snowflakes look like that? Ours are always just a big squishy mess. They don’t call it “Cascade Concrete” for nuthin’!

  8. Sigh. Now how am I going to finish my big, nonrelated project, choose between the cow, the ape, and the big nose, and then develop the serious knittin’ “skillz” to do one of these right in the next two weeks?? SIGH!

  9. Those are GORGEOUS photos–thank you for sharing

  10. February 22nd is a Friday not a Monday according to my calendar.

  11. snowflakes…..mother nature, in all its glory!

  12. Incredible snowflake photos. I remember you had amazing giant snowflakes and spiderwebs before.
    Thank you for sharing.

  13. Now aren’t you glad you didn’t sweep away those spider webs? I am.

  14. What great shots!

  15. Hmm. Gorgeous.
    We should have stopped and looked at the flakes but we were too busy christening the virgin playground snow!
    You are a regular Snowflake Bentley. Stunning.

  16. Those snowflake pics avec spiderwebs are magical!

  17. I wasn’t sure if they were webs, or just white kidsilk haze, but I love the photos anyway, the first one almost looks fake.
    Can’t wait to see the entries.

  18. PS, thank you Leslie for the lead to Dr. Mel, hadn’t read him before, but that fabric is AWESOME.

  19. What beautiful photographs. Absolutely breathtaking.

  20. The snowflake pictures are just amazing. The knitting is pretty amazing too!

  21. The snowflake pictures are just amazing. The knitting is pretty amazing too!

  22. The snowflake pictures are just amazing. The knitting is pretty amazing too!

  23. Gorgeous snowflake photos!


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