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Speaking of Barbie Cardis

Dear Ann,
In honor of your birthday yesterday, I dug up this little memento:
This is a pullover from Nicki Epstein’s Knitting for Barbie book, which I made back when we had a Barbie or two around here. This was before my daughter decided that Barbie, in all her forms, especially the disturbing Life Size Barbie Beauty Salon Head, was to be banished from our land. (I add this to allay the concerns of those who interpreted my earlier reference to our Barbie-Free Zone as a sign of cruel and unusual parenting.)
The sweater is misshapen because (1) it’s in Rowan’s Linen Droop, which I did not split into plies, (2) since Barbie was sent Away, many a Beanie Baby has been squeezed into it, and (3) I didn’t do such a great job on it in the first place (hello! sleeve seams?). But, you know, we knit something, and we move on. We knit something else.
For example: what fun I had freestyling my own toy doggy sweater. I hasten to add that I had an actual day job when I made this thing. Call me a slacker, but I am not, as a general rule, sitting around designing fringed apparel (with handmade Dorset buttons, for crying out loud) for stuffed animals. This was a special commission, for Carrie’s beloved Sophie Jr. Sadly, Sophie Jr. disappeared several years ago, sans sweater. We move on. We knit something else.
Afghanalong note: The Barbie sweater is resting on a perfect 9-patch square contributed by Maggi, who has just posted photos of the historic hand-off on her blog. The pix include one of her darling dad, who regaled us with Amstel Lites (as you know, my preferred brand of Diet Knitting Water) in a swanky hotel bar. I love a man who can sit there smiling and making agreeable remarks while the womenfolk yak nonstop about knitting, baby girls, and what to knit for baby girls. It is pretty much a lost art, as far as I can tell.
I don’t mean to lord it over you, honey, but New York does enjoy a steady stream of wonderful knitting visitors.
Love, Kay



  1. What a beautiful pile of afghan squares!
    I am going to start looking for a job in NYC, just so I can participate in these in-person afghan square hand-offs.
    Anyone there need a professor of ancient Greek?

  2. Dear Aara, I feel like calling you up and reciting my one and only line of ancient Greek. O Solon, Solon, and something about Hellenes. Yes, this party trick does involve an Old Boyfriend. He was a great tour guide to Rome and Athens, though. At one point we searched for hours for the spot from which St. Paul supposedly preached, and I started thinking, what is WITH this guy? This is all circa 1983. Misty, water-colored and all that.
    The answer is, yes, of course we need a professor of ancient Greek here at Mason-Dixon University, provided you will teach Intro to Tatting and coach the rugby team. Come on down! Bring squares.
    Off to pick up another square (I’m not kidding), love, Kay

  3. Kay–Eeek! What a little teeny thing you’ve made! I love it.
    I’m with you about the Life Size Barbie Beauty Salon Head. I find anything made the wrong size to be disturbing. At the fish market I saw these giant prawns, six inches head to tail, and all I could think about was RADIATION.
    Your squares are inspiring. I am intrigued with the way Maggi’s dark gray one makes the colors all the more vibrant, and (well, you know where this is headed) I am looking forward to providing the squares that will make the perfect foil for yours: smoke, shale, briar, pickle, and um other gray squares that I feel compelled to knit. I think it was Knitting Text(iles) Anne who said that a dingy shade can make a bright color sing. Rilly, you’ll thank me for this someday.
    Onward! x0x0x

  4. Hi gals !!
    I’m so excited, I’ve finished a square (and as Lis will vouch, finishing something is a BIG deal for me) AND had my first opportunity to use my Kaffe Fasset pattern book as a means of doing it !Where do I send it ? … and do I get noodles back in the post by return ??


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