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Special Report: Slogging Continues in Halting, Friendly Way

Dear Kay,
Welllll, the Slogalong is going strong. We’ve already had over 70 posts (confessions is what they really are), over a hundred hardy souls signed up, and an unbelievable parade of projects made, unmade, partially unmade, and just plain frogged. A surprising number of stalwart knitters are really opening up, digging deep and confessing exactly what they’re working on. The raw courage of these people can be only slightly overstated.
The haiku are flying, Sarah’s had at least one broken-hearted moment, and there have been a shocking number of unfinished handknits, including at least one amazing sock yarn afghan. There are all sorts of sloggers: the Natural Born Slogger, a Multiple Slog Slogger, and our Philosophical Slogger. “How much slogging should we be doing?” Tan asks. Now that is a question.
I hope you’ll go cheer on these hopeful, determined, delirious souls. Here’s where you’ll find ’em!
At some point, somebody may finish something. We’ll report back if and when that happens.
By the way, we could use a Slogalong button, so anybody who’s quick with the Photoshop, have at it!




  1. I’m so glad you started this. I’ve gotten another half a stripe done on the Monk-in-the-Desert Afghan, and I would have never taken it out of the bag if it weren’t for you guys!

  2. Personally I have to lie down after reading about some of these projects. These people are ska-ROOed. They are NEVER FINISHING. TOO MUCH KNITTING. TOO MUCH I TELL YOU.
    But gee I wish you all the best.
    xoxo Kay

  3. Per Kay’s comment, may I suggest the button slogan? “The MDK Slogalong: We are ska-ROOed!”
    I’d make one myself if I weren’t too busy slogging.

  4. (sigh) I wish I had a slog project… well, a slog knitting project, anyway. If only I’d had the foresight to send ahead loads of yarn and patterns to combat the “no new knitting supplies till I get a job” rule!

  5. How ’bout something like this or this?

  6. The same inertia that’s keeping me from finishing some projects is keeping me from signing up for the slogalong. I have three pillows- well, the backs of them…
    OK, I”ll get busy soon. Like Jenn, it’s a motivator.

  7. I’ve registered and I slog nightly. I just need to get my priorities straight and share my sad, slog song.

  8. Does registering for the Slogalong count as slogging?

  9. I’m going to have to slog along, too. Moxie’s Man Hood is a slog if I’ve ever known one. It’s freakin’ killing me, and now it looks like it may be too small. I haven’t blogged it once, I hate it so!
    Speaking of, can I be an honorary member of the MDK KAL? No warshrags yet, but I think the nightie counts!

  10. Ann, you crack me up! I like the ‘we are ska-rooed’ idea…LOL! Too funny!


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