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Spinal Tap to Rescue Earth

Dear Kay,
England’s loudest rock band, Spinal Tap, is reuniting at the London Live Earth concert on 7/7/07.
Mocumentarian Marty DiBergi catches up with the trio here.
[still laughing]



  1. Ha! That was one of my favorite movies! I must say, Derek Smalls is still looking pretty cute!

  2. STONEHENGE!!!!! That made me laugh so hard…

  3. Too funny! I love all their movies. Best of Show had to be one of my favorites.

  4. Uh, Spinal Tap – saving the world?!? The concept alone is hysterical, the interview made me fall of the chair — thanks!

  5. Stonehenge or chai? It’s such a fine line……

  6. ROCK ON!!!!
    gotta love those guys. just love’em to death.

  7. I hope they play Big Bottom!!!! That’s my favorite ’cause this girl’s got’em!!

  8. “Warmer Than Hell”–Hell Yeah!! I laughed so hard I peed a little. Thank you so much for that ST update!

  9. Well, that certainly puts it all in perspective, don’ it?

  10. This makes me laugh so hard. I love Spinal Tap (this amp goes to eleven!), and the fact that I will be at an uncomfortably formal (for me) wedding on that day means I’ll have something a bit lighter to think about.

  11. You know it’s gonna be a good concert too, when they play on a hallowed day like 777-pure rock! hee hee

  12. It has knitting content! David St Hubbins is wearing a Bucket O’Chic hat in the final scene.

  13. hi to you all – the appearance of this legendary band would probably be the best reason to catch the gig ! – I also love their movies!!! they are all geniuses! = or genie’s ?????

  14. Bwah! Thanks for sharing this. (I still have a crush on Nigel Tufnel. Gaah!)

  15. yes! love this group of creative folks!
    i searched and searched, nothing listed yet in the u.s. after the new jersey show. i so want to go when they are in the bay area!

  16. Thanks so much for the Spinal Tap clip – love that faux-band!

  17. I now feel sooooo old. First my eldest becomes a teenager yesterday, and then I can’t claim to be a child bride as I remember Spinal Tap so well from the first time around! Had a few boyfriends that could’ve walked out of their band too, tee hee, the idiocy of youth!

  18. Bahahaaa! That’s just perfect somehow.

  19. “I met her on SUNday it was my lucky BUNday” oh my gosh I laugh so hard it hurts when I watch this movie. I actually hung around with a rock band in the 1970s and All Of That Stuff Is True!!


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