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Sweetest Baby in a Small Sweater

Dear Kay,
Please join me in welcoming small Woodie to the world of hand knits.
My first grandniece dutifully models the teeny cardigan she got from Great-Aunt Ann.
To be clear: while I would like to claim that her proximity to a cotton sweater would bring on this sort of unbridled joy, the fact is that this is possibly the happiest baby in the world. She’s like this pretty much all the time. And she sleeps. She is brilliant!




  1. What a cutie (and of course she is much more brilliant because of the sweater!)

  2. Adorable!

  3. Adorable baby in a beautiful sweater.

  4. Tell her parents to keep a close eye on her. I would snatch the HELL out of a baby that happy, especially if it were also wearing an adorable lime green cotton cardigan.

  5. Babies sleep?!?
    What a cutie! (And a cute sweater too, Auntie Ann.) πŸ™‚

  6. Dutifully? I see no dutiful here – only joyjoyjoy! Yes, I’m pretty sure I’m witnessing full-on Sweater Joy, the kind that only unselfconscious babies with Ann for an aunt can show.

  7. How adorable! Love the color of the sweater.

  8. Well, all I can say is awwwwwwwww…I’m melting, I’m melting…

  9. Happy babies might just be the best thing in the entire world!

  10. Funny how such youthful folk can be great-aunts! (I am, too!) Both sweater and baby are charming!

  11. The world needs a little more unbridled joy. Thanks for the charming photo.

  12. Echoing Mary’s thought about how youthful you are for a great aunt. My great aunts were ancient! Venerable! Cute cute sweater!
    xxo Kay

  13. Gertrude, Helen, Victoria, and Anne with an E were my great Aunts. Big part of the family picture. They were funny, generous, yakky, and always making soup or cakes. They had a pantry. They wore aprons and housedresses. They made dreamcake. They didn’t knit but they should’ve. Aunts are good.

  14. I,too,am a great-aunt and don’t feel nearly old enough! No grandchildren yet, tho’. My great-aunts were mainstays of the family and are all still talked of fondly; it is wonderful to see the generations unfolding. Today is my 60th birthday, hence the deep thinking so early in the morning! Lovely little girl and lovely sweater!

  15. Awwwwwwwww!!!! πŸ™‚

  16. Very sweet.

  17. As her grandfather, I can attest that she really is the happiest baby I have known. She loves the sweater and tells everyone that her wonderful great Aunt Ann made it for her.

  18. My first niece was born when I was 12. Her kids now have kids. I doubly great (or is that doubly grand, I can never remember). It’s almost as good as grandparenthood. Love the sweater, too!

  19. Thank you, sweet great aunt Ann!
    Love, Celine

  20. Not only is she brilliant, but she is adorable!! Chubby, chomp-able,
    cheeks!! Like the sweater, too.

  21. Such a sweet baby in such a nice sweater!

  22. You’re right, she is brilliant. Nice work on the sweater, very nice color choice. Lucky you – a baby to knit for.

  23. I’m a great aunt too and I find that handknits DO bring on that kind of joy, even in an otherwise less joyful baby.

  24. Welcome, baby! Kudos Great-Auntie on a perfect baby knit.

  25. Awww! So sweet and happy! Also, I checked your project stats, and the start to finish time comforts me. My auntliness is set to increase twice, (once in April and once in July) and I am feeling the pressure.

  26. Very nice, thanks for sharing.

  27. you now have a big world of baby sitters
    give us a call if you need help we don’t do
    diapers but we sure can holler at her

  28. Lucky, beautiful baby! I have a feeling that the sweater adds to her happiness.

  29. That baby is a smudgy bunchkin of love! So sweet — and stylish!

  30. A baby who fits what was knit…who smiles constantly….who SLEEPS….priceless!!

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