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Tea Contest Winners!

Dear Ann,
Without further ado, we announce our 5 winners of a copy of Jane Gottelier’s fantastic new book, Tea and Knitting.
They are:
Sarah R (who has a Yahoo email address)
Kathy (who is outinwoods)
I have sent each winner an email, so if you just now remembered that your legal name is Argonauta, please check your inbox! Will the real PammieTaj please stand up? We will tolerate no PammieTaj impersonators!
I have been steeping myself in the book since my own copy arrived yesterday, and the patterns are glorious. There is a Chanel-style jacket to die for. There is a pullover with knitted-in sequins (which I have examined in person; knitted-in sequins are there to STAY, people; they look so much more orderly than the sewn-on, or hotglued-on kind.) Like everything the Gotteliers do, there is a high-fashion sensibility at work here. (Well maybe not so much in the cupcake tea cozy, for we know that tea cozies in the shape of baked goods, fruits and vegetables, or animals are not fashion. They are Art.)
I would be remiss if I did not mention: BEADED ARGYLE KNEE SOCKS! I do believe this pair may be the Secret Knitting work of our beloved Polly. You will never drag it out of her! She will carry it to her grave!
At the excellent talk at Knitty City last night, Patrick was telling about how, in a past, ready-to-wear phase of life, he and Jane had intarsia sweaters knitted by hand in the UK, and then they PAINTED ON THEM. I nearly passed out.
Congratulations to the winners! Bless your caffeinated hearts!




  1. Thank you ladies! This is so exciting. I can’t wait to get the book and share with my knitting group.
    Oh, And I can’t imagine anyone, friend or foe,who would impersonate me. Even for giggles.

  2. Fabulous Tea Congratulations to the Winners!
    Also, I see Polly in those socks too!

  3. So bummed that I missed the contest! And my favorite tea is Yorkshire too. Now, if I could only keep my kids away from it…

  4. I am bummed, but ordered my copy this afternoon, just in the likely case that I was not a winner. I hate being right sometimes.

  5. I got all excited there for a minute when I saw “Sarah R.” Except that then I remembered that (a) I don’t have a Yahoo account and (b) I didn’t enter the contest. Darn it all! See…I would have won!!

  6. I am not going to get through the more than 1500 comments of yesterday….but I have to tell you how utterly stunning and beautiful that shawl is. I also need to apologize for what I said when you were still working on it (I said “oh I’ve made a few of these!”) — because of course I have not ever made a shawl like that. I have made top-down shawls like that but not with wings like yours. What you did with that black border is knock-out beautiful.
    Now I need to go back in the posts and find out again how you did it, so I can make sense of it.
    Thank you for your patience with me!

  7. Well done you random number winners!
    Beaded argyle knee socks?? That is crazy on many levels, but I’d like a pair!

  8. okay, my losing stream continues. But congrats to the winners and I’m sure I’ll buy the book.

  9. Darn it all. I wanted that book.
    Congrats to the winners.

  10. Goodness gracious great balls o’fire, what a beautiful shawl. I forgot to say that yesterday. And what a beautiful red tea tin! Congratulations to the winners, and (since I’m not one of them) now I have an excuse to buy the book at our LYS.

  11. Yes, congrats to the lucky winners. Isn’t it fun to enter these conests? It kind of puts a special energy into a “business as usual” day. Thanks, Ladies.
    Kay: I know there were a passel of comments yesterday; I do hope you got to read my comment about the beautiful shawl. It’s stunning!
    Re: today’s post: did they say what it was that they painted on the intarsia sweaters? That would have made all the difference. no? :):):)
    Knit on!

  12. Congrats to the winners and gutted I missed the chance to post my favourite tea. I can’t belive how many replies you received. Tea is bigger in the USA than I expected.
    By the way I prefer Yorkshire Gold or Twinings Everyday Tea or M&S Earl Grey (almost too perfumed). Oh, that just slipped out…

  13. Just wanted to tell you I think your shawl is very classy and chic. I really like it and now I am going to knit one too, for myself (I want to hide my bum too). I would have told you on your previous post but there were over 1500 comments!!

  14. I, too, have a lovely losing streak going and I really would like a copy, too!
    Thanks for the previews. Now I know I really want it!

  15. congrats winners!

  16. Hot-glued sequins. That is so, so beyond wrong. As always the Mason-Dixon ladies leave me speechless. I won’t ask who saw/tried/invented that little manouver (English spelling for you, seems appropriate today).
    Thanks for the book review, though, I might get it. My house needs a cupcake tea cosy.

  17. i just want someone to make me the socks


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