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Teeny Project Runway: Finalists!

Dear everybody,
Congratulations to everyone who entered Teeny Project Runway! If you read the comments from our last entry, you will see the overwhelming feeling that these 62 entries have, in the words of Tim Gunn, knocked everybody’s socks off. And in a world of knitters, that is a LOT of socks.
We need hardly point out that this has exceeded our expectations in every way. Still chuckling, still puzzling, still hearing speculation about whether Annabell the Rat is actually alive or stuffed.
All you entrants will be pleased to know that Project Runway’s official fan site linked to the contest yesterday, so your creations were viewed by tons of people who came over from Blogging Project Runway. (SPOILER ALERT: if you’re watching the TV series and don’t want to know who wins next week’s big finale, avoid this site until next Wednesday. They tell all over there!)
Who knows? Maybe Tim Gunn got an eyeful of your nutty creature couture.
The Voting: Chads, Lockouts, Misvotes–Are We in Florida???
Now. There has been a fair amount of trouble with the polling software we used for the voting. Blogpoll has some glitches. The fact that it is totally free is not one of them, and that is so compelling to us that we’ll put up with all sorts of weirdness. We do, however, want to be fair, and fortunately, we think the vote has turned out to be clean enough.
One glitch: Blogpoll automatically selects the top choice until the voter picks another one. This sort of lame-o design will get the Blogpoll people the U.S. presidential election contract.
Another glitch: the Blogpoll limit of 20 choices per Blogpoll meant that we had to cobble together four Blogpolls in order to list all 62 entries. This made it possible for voters to vote four times, so maybe the total number of votes cast was higher than it should have been. However, it was NOT possible to vote for one entry more than once per computer, so nobody could stuff the ballot box from one computer.
But the fact is, I think that knitters are a noble, rule-following people. And having to choose one favorite is the sort of excruciatingly delightful exercise that makes a contest like this fun in the first place. And furthermore, if you’re cheating on a contest like this, you’ll have a lot to answer for when you get up to the pearly gates and Elizabeth Zimmermann is there waiting for you.
If you emailed me about a voting difficulty, please know that I kept your vote on hand if it was going to be needed as a deciding vote.
We blew the deadline of 12:34 pm Central Daylight Time by two minutes, because we were on the phone actually, with each other, working on the new book which means mostly that we have multi-hour conversations sort of like when I used to watch TV while on the phone with my friends in seventh grade. “Are you still there?” “Yeah.” “Fonzie is so hot.” “Yeah.”
But at 12:36, I cut and pasted the vote totals from the Blogpolls, sealing them deep in the recesses of my computer, locking in the vote counts at that precise moment.
The Results
The top five vote-getters today at 12:36 pm, CDT, were:
Entry #54: Jill Goes to the Oscars, 626 votes
Entry #12: Babs the Sock Monkey, 328 votes
Entry #53: Giuseppina, Kermit’s Sister, 321 votes
Entry #20: Annabell the Rat, 300 votes
Entry #29: Mr. Potato O’Head, 300 votes
Congratulations to you all!!!!!
The Final Vote
Please go to view the Finalists here, then vote below.
The finalists are shown here in a random order as determined by drawing the names out of a black lizard cowboy boot. PLEASE VOTE CAREFULLY–click your choice, then click Vote.

Voting will be open until Friday, February 29, 9:59 pm Central Daylight Time.
Again, our kudos to you all. Really stunning!
Ann and Kay

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  1. I know a winner when I see one (I hope). I’m sticking with Babs’s ensemble. It’s fresh, it’s cute. Why, I could even see myself wearing it.

  2. Marvelous! My favorite is a finalist!

  3. Thank YOU for putting on the contest! It was really fun. I will always remember it as the project that helped me overcome my fear of DPN’s! And my snail has never been warmer.

  4. Whew! Congratulations to the Finalists, and a hearty “well done!” to all the designers – What a fun way to get through a week in a February that just won’t quit!
    Time to frog a Salmon ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. it just about killed me to try and narrow these 5 finalistss down to one. even the mise en scรจne of the photos is making me howl. Annabell the Rat is transporting me back to after-school episodes of Hammy the hamster. and the sock monkey! the knitting for the knitted character! babs, giuseppina, annabell, the mister and jill:: strike a pose, y’all. fabu once more.

  6. Love them all. Jill is a winner and Kermit’s sister a great runner up in my view, but everyone did a great job.
    Thanks for the fun.

  7. They all just make it work. So hard to choose. Annabell is fabulous. Jill just has it going on though. Thanks for the contest. This is fun.

  8. How rotten is it to switch votes? Really, this is why I Never vote in the primaries. My first vote is a finalist, but even after reviewing the field three times before voting, I somehow missed the overwhelming spectacular qualities of another finalist. I had always believed myself to be the loyal sort, but here I find myself in love with (*gasp*) a different entry. I should do pennance. Maybe knitting abstinence for a day (washcloths don’t count)or worse, I could force myself to finish up that sweater that probably won’t even fit my two year old anymore.

  9. But, still, what is the truth on Annabell? Live, stuffed, taxidermied, what?

  10. All my faves were included in the finalists, though I have to say, Monkl really spoke to me, guilessly wearing his underpants on his head, so I hope he can receive an Honorable Mention! Congratulations to all the creative knitters (and Ann and Kay, of course).

  11. Annabell’s front legs look a little rigid there poised above the ground a bit… if you know what I mean. And our old “Buddy” may he R.I.P. never sat still for clothes no matter how hard my daughters tried. (i’m just sayn’)

  12. Talk about twisted stitches!!! This is one hootin’ contest. I love each and every entry. Me, I’m hoping that Babs pulls out from behind. It was a toss up between Babs and Jill. There are some mighty fine knitters out there!!! Thanks for the fun everyone.

  13. To quote another Project Runway contestant, these entries are FIERCE. I am partial to Mr O’Potato Head because the idea of knitting an aran sweater that small boggles my mind. It is a bit casual, but there are differenct “looks” you know. What fun.

  14. I’d like to point out that Babs’s outfit was not only designed and created by one fine knitter, but the knitter also crafted Babs from a pair of socks–hand stitching! I think we all realize how difficult that can be! That fact sealed the deal for me and helped sway my vote away from Jill. Sorry Jill, but you were bought in a store! Can’t compete with the blood, sweat, and tears of a hand-made sock monkey!

  15. who can resist a potato in a sweater? just fantastic!

  16. Again, can’t see the blogpoll, but I’ll vote for ‘Jill Goes to the Oscars’.
    Great fun! Thanks!

  17. My goodness. Those are ALL so wonderful, it was almost impossible to pick a favorite.
    Clearly, excellent work by ALL the entrants.

  18. I had to once again vote for Annabell the Rat. Having knit for “Mr. Beaver”, I guess I have a thing about “real” animals. And seriously, she’s dressed up to celebrate the year of the rat, how fitting is THAT?! I LOVED all of the finalists anyway, and truly appreciate the amount of work that was put into them, WOW! I’ll wait anxiously for the winner to be announced, and Mr. Beaver will go back to live with my brother-in-law. But you never know, he might wind up with a new accessory now and then… ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Go Annabell!

  19. Jill is dreamy, but I got to say, the dishraggy elecgance and getting a pet rat to hold still for being dressed and photographed definitely gets major degree of difficulty points. Maybe the contest should have been divided between live model and non-live model?

  20. Quinn, I’m with you – frogging a cricket. My husband liked your salmon best – being a fisherman – but I browbeat him into voting for me. What’s a guy to do?

  21. you would think it would be easier when it is narrowed down to just a few entries – but it isn’t (must be said in a whiney voice) what to do what to do what to do ……

  22. I, too, really, REALLY need to know if Annabell is “singing with the choir invisible” (which was BRILLIANT, I’d never heard that before!).

  23. So many favorites!!! The drama of the Spartan Ducks really grabbed me, as well as the casual jaunty air of Mr. Beaver. And how about Frangles the Kitten and the Salmon Wrap? Inspired, all! You guys are great.

  24. Well I blew it!
    I had the animal, a creature named Disco Reindeer, just imagine.
    I had the idea, xmas sweater of course.
    I didn’t have the time, no really, because I was starting my own blog:
    Knitting In Mind (the knitter formerly known in comments as whosadele)
    Now that I see there was a possibility of Tim Gunn (!!) seeing my work, I think I made the wrong choice. Poo.

  25. whoa these are all spectacular and oh my goodness is that really a stuffed rat???
    kudos to that person. :o)
    but i must say, this was not an easy decision to make!!! lurved all of the entries–i’ve never had so much fun looking at pictures of mini-FOs!

  26. Thanks for the fun. “Sheep in Sox” and I both agree that Jill has class and we hope she wins.

  27. I’m so glad to see the little rat made it to the big time! She was one of my favorites (though I could only vote for one), so I’m completely thrilled!

  28. You girls sure know how to throw a party!

  29. No! Where’s the cricket?!? Have you people no taste!
    (I voted for the cricket.)(Now that I think about it, none of my other choices made it to the top five. I must be stranger than I thought.)

  30. I sense a conspiracy!! Which really just means that my favorite hasn’t been a frontrunner either time. Unlike in the US presidential election, however, I am not really too bothered about this. It was awesome just to observe the entries.

  31. central daylight time???
    i am a florida poll watcher
    this may be enough for a recount

  32. Congratulations to all the top 5 and good luck to everyone, but I’m going with Jill…total fashion magic!

  33. Ditto Lori’s congrats and good luck to all top 5. And to EVERYONE OF THE 62, who’s sense of fun, and whose creativity I wish I possesed, THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES.
    Just a ‘shout out’ here for dear old Babs (Jill’s zoological cousin?–have they been in competition for years, or what??)in FELTED sandals with that jaunty I-CORD flower in her hat, and all.
    Strut your stuff down the runway in that hot sundress, Babs! Such fashion sense, such attention to detail, BRAVO,BRAVO!

    (outcry of the masses in a ‘banana’ republic)
    Vote in your primates–uhh, primaries…

  35. Thanks, Cindy! And please thank your husband – praise from a fisherman is high praise indeed! I was very impressed with your entry as well – especially the sensitivity to your client’s need for creative expression ๐Ÿ™‚
    Perhaps we should open a boutique catering to the discerning (metal) critter??

  36. That boutique sounds like a plan! I up for anything to get extra funds for stash enhancement! My husband says don’t quit my day job. Probably wise advice.

  37. Oh, I gotta have that rat poncho and hat pattern!! I have two pet rats myself!!! Sooooo funny!!!

  38. annabel is a sure winner BUT
    1) she is a he
    2) he is most definitely stuffed (good job but telltale signs – paws not touching ground, tail sticking up, nose is all funny)
    no rat would let their human do his, no matter how loving!


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