If you’re Rhinebeck-bound, we would love to see you at Jill Draper’s studio in Kingston on Saturday night–details here.

Tell Me Dear, Are You Lonesome Tonight?

Dear Ann,
Ain’t it cool what the Etsy kids can do with the Photoshop machine? Although my woodcut head looks kinda lonesome.
TONIGHT’S THE NIGHT–the night I’m hosting a “virtual shop” over at Etsy labs in Brooklyn. My dishrag-in-progress and I are getting on the subway in 10 minutes or so, and the show starts at 7 p.m.
All the details are here. (Plus free bonus photo of me wearing a full tube of lipstick! (Photo credit: Gale Zucker.) Why put a little on every day, when you can deal with the whole tube at once? )
Note: From what I can gather, nobody has to physically come to Etsy labs in Brooklyn. The show will be in a virtual auditorium. So please, “come” to the “auditorium”. (I’m worried about the virtual echoes of an empty virtual auditorium. If a woman in a virtual forest shops alone, can anyone hear her buying anything?)
My co-host will be lovely Miss Julie Schneider, a friend of the blog through our powerful network of crafters in Nashville, Brooklyn, and RedSox Nation. C’mon! Don’t worry about the budget–remember, we’re JUST LOOKING.




  1. Just looking… sure. We all believe that one;)

  2. kAY the quilt is just spectacular! I love it. what are your favorite “novice” quilt books?

  3. first time coming by, wow.. I like the knitting and overall of your blog. 🙂

  4. kay, the photo of you is lovely. i can’t believe you’re not patching ann in via webcam for the occasion. or an ann sockpuppet? (sorry, it’s early.)

  5. Ooh, as an Etsy member this news popped into my inbox this morning, was strange to see you there out of context from the blog – but lovely all the same and your picks are lovely! Sadly I couldn’t seem to get the Etsy auditorium bit to work but will try again later. Just keeps saying ‘authorizing’ at the moment …

  6. Hi, Kay..I love your book and I’ll be there tonight! Love how Etsy brings all the creative people together.

  7. I’m sorry that I missed this! I was stuck in a theater then anyway, and unavailable for Etsy watching. Will there be reruns?


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