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The Joke’s On You, Narrowminded Cur!

Dear Ann,
How did we miss this?

Book ’em, Brontes!
P.S. Status report on El Blanki Magnifico: All but 2 squares joined into wholeness; those 2 blocks need their 2 half-blocks before they can be united with the others. Down to 3 yards of #269, spit-felted from 2 pieces. RUGGED! Waiting for a ball of #269 to drop from the sky (a pony would also be nice). Seriously, I have reason to believe that Yarn. Is on. The Way. This would be a good opportunity to finish up Joseph’s sweater. Also a good time to cast on the first Rowan Denim block for my second Mitered Crosses Blanket. Not that I needed to tell anybody that I was going to make a Rowan Denim version. Tantalizingly close to being able to send another $2500 to Mercy Corps. Oh! Here’s the button in case you need it:

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  1. Love!!!

  2. Hilarious! I immediately posted it to my FB page along with “Jane Austen’s Fight Club”. You’ve made my day and it’s only 9 a.m. πŸ™‚

  3. That was awesome.
    As is the blanket. Looking forward to seeing it.

  4. Hilarious!!
    I am planning my Mitered Crosses Blanket and hope to look for yarn Friday at my LYS.

  5. Too funny! On a serious note, it’s just so wonderful to know how many of us MDK groupies have purchased the pattern. You ladies are the best!

  6. You should also add a “that was easy” button – the entire transaction took about 38 seconds, and I’m only the better for it!! And I’ll never tire of being inspired by the coming-together of knitters for a good cause. Warms the soul – almost as much as this blanket will . . . thanks, Kay!!

  7. I know where I can get Silk Garden Color 269 for you. How many balls do you want? I think I can get as many as 6 balls. (I’ve already purchased 13 for my own Mitered Crosses Afghan and have the first block almost finished!) I’ll send one ball, compliments of me, but I can’t afford to foot the bill for more. The cost is $11.95 per ball at my LYS.
    Just tell me where to send it, and it’s yours!

  8. Love, love, love the Bronte Sisters Power dolls. I wish there was a buy now button for them! I have purchased the pattern and hope to get to it before too long. P.S. Thanks for the other yarn possibilities.

  9. That……… was amazing.

  10. Love, love, love the Bronte Sisters Power dolls. I wish there was a buy now button for them! I have purchased the pattern and hope to get to it before too long. P.S. Thanks for the other yarn possibilities.

  11. Thanks, that video made my day! I love that someone went to the trouble of making a whole print shop full of narrowminded curs. Just love it.
    ps saw some 269 last night at Knit New Haven I think. Want me to snag it for you today?

  12. Awesome! Immediately posted to FB. Hey, just to clarify, are you whipstitching the squares together, or knitting them together? Didn’t quite get it from your last post.

  13. Wow- thanks for that! “Take that you narrow-minded cur!” Love that!

  14. Aha! I knew there would eventually be a denim version. You can’t help yourself!

  15. Oh, thank you!!
    I’d been looking for something light to post on the blog (in the midst of lots of HEAVY stuff that I didn’t want to weigh it down with)… this was absolutely perfect.

  16. Thank you soooo much! That put a big grin on my face πŸ™‚

  17. Too funny!

  18. What a great idea! A Rowan Denim cross blanket… do you think it will bleed?

  19. Absolutely hysterical. I’m snarfling, snorting, and hooting. Thanks for the much needed laughs! And I just added my share to help you reach another $2500 for Japan.

  20. I love the idea of the Rowan denim version of the mitered crosses. Is there a way I can keep the blue from fading all over the white?

  21. These are awsome! Now they just need to team up with Jane Austen and Mary Shelley! ;D

  22. So much goodness around here…If the Marsha thing doesn’t work out foryou, I have a single ball of 269 without any weekend plans. You can have it…let me know!

  23. Hysterical. Literarily. Did you catch the “Jane Austen Fight Club” too?

  24. Kay – I was purchasing Nori (for my blanket) at Fiber Gallery in Seattle this afternoon and they are shipping yarn to you #269 I believe!

  25. GACK! Rowan Denim colorway for the blanket, why didn’t I think of that????

  26. I’m with Janet! Rowan Denim? Did you say Rowan Denim? Why had I not thought of that?? Why did I not know of course you would knit it in Denim. Do let us see! I have a large box…Nashville, Memphis, Tennessee, Ecru. I love it.
    Bronte’s… too funny.

  27. A denim blankie would look great on a pony. Six squares done here, have all of my yarn πŸ˜‰

  28. Brontesaurus! Ha!
    Immediately sent it off to my book club, of course…

  29. Thank you so much for the hysterical video, making me one of the cool kids at work!

  30. OMG. Brontesaurus!!! Love it.

  31. Possibly the Best Video Ever. Thanks!

  32. what would the sisters think of this hoot
    i wonder how the sisters would be interviewd
    on tv in this year of 2011 thank you kay

  33. Hooray for barrier-busting feminist vision!


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