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The Never Ending Quest For Adorable Drawings of Our Heads

Dear Ann,
We have been keeping this secret for so long. I don’t know about you, but I was about to bust.
At long last, Twist Collective, a brand-new online knitting magazine, is live with its very first issue. I am so excited about where this new voice in the knitting community is going to take us, visually, knittingly, and every other way.
And we’re in it! Blabbing away as our alter egos, the Problem Ladies, who are not only blabby but pretty dang good looking.
Please, people, send us some juicy questions for the Problem Ladies–we’ve got a deadline for our next column, ya know. (It’s hard to run a Q & A without Qs.)
Happy weekend, all!




  1. Oh, my heavens. This all looks great.
    More info, more pictures, more stuff to keep up with! More patterns! Jane Brocket and Cat Bordhi! This will eat into the day, for sure.
    I guess you want knitting problems, and not problems like, How do I get more knitting done, or How do I get my kids to pay attention? I’ll have a real juicy knitting problem for you soon. Maybe you’ll just have to design a whole sweater for me, I have so many problems….

  2. Ooh, what a neat shiny ezine! I can’t wait to see what the problem ladies come up with when non-fictional knitters are asking questions!

  3. How about something about how to make a baby sized sweater into a larger size sweater. I often see a baby pattern that would be adorable on a 4 year old but I don’t have the technical expertise (or the nerve) to just wing it and make it bigger. Is there some sort of secret formula to which I am not privy?
    Mary C

  4. Congratulations! This sounds like a fun new gig, and un-vexing is *always* good!

  5. I have a question! Why is it, that when you enter the LYS you have forgotten everything you needed, down to the very color? I mean, of course you are going to pick up the new silk, wonder over the laceweight, pet the cashmere (next time) and ooh over the fall wool line, but I mean- shouldn’t you be at least reminded of the current WIP you need yarn for while in A YARN STORE?
    The whole thing is just so confusing. Congrats on the book! Can’t wait to see it “in the wild” as the Harlot says.

  6. I have a question! Why is it, that when you enter the LYS you have forgotten everything you needed, down to the very color? I mean, of course you are going to pick up the new silk, wonder over the laceweight, pet the cashmere (next time) and ooh over the fall wool line, but I mean- shouldn’t you be at least reminded of the current WIP you need yarn for while in A YARN STORE?
    The whole thing is just so confusing. Congrats on the book! Can’t wait to see it “in the wild” as the Harlot says.

  7. Twist Collective looks superfantastic. I like the twist to the expression “problem child” in your new handle, you un-vexing vixens.

  8. Congratulations!
    It is an amazing beautiful thing the Twist Collective.
    Now would your column also include problems that you cause??????
    See you in Rhinebeck!

  9. Congrats!! It’s very well done your column is a great addition.

  10. Wow, the Twist Collective is super–I love it! My browser froze partway through, but I’ll be back. I also sent you a problem, which I’m sure you can un-twist in no time. Thanks so much for another great fun distraction on the web (as if your blog wasn’t enough)– Gretcheng

  11. Congatulations ya’ll!!! I didn’t know about this new online knitting magazine until yesterday. I sure do need something else to take my time away from the things I should be doing – like cleaning the house! HA!
    I love the picture but am a little bothered that the names are under the wrong caricatures. I’m pretty sure I know who’s who.
    OK, I have a question for the Problem Ladies. I have taught several people to knit. Occasionally someone will tell me that they are left handed (I am right handed). ARGH!!! I don’t know what to tell them to do differently (if anything) and leave it up to them to figure it out. I’ve always heard that lefties are smarter than us righties anyway so I figure it shouldn’t be a problem for them. (They have all become successful knitters by the way.) Could you interview some lefties and let us know if they do anything differently? I’d love to appear more knowledgeable the next time this situation arrives.

  12. Wow …Twist Collective’s images are really beautiful! The saturated colors are just what I needed to hoist myself out of the humid summer blahs.
    The writing is great too — and what a selection of ads. It’s like shopping without getting in the car and fighting traffic. Niiiiiiice!

  13. I LOVE your answer about stockinette ridges! Love the Twist Collective. You’re a guiding light – I didn’t even know it was in the works. Thanks.

  14. Yeah!!!! This is awesome. You just can’t have enough good online magazines. I haven’t even looked through it YET, but I was so exicted I had to say great job.

  15. ann & kay, you continue to amaze me. keep on blabbin! bisous from Up North. And whenever you’re-a-plannin’ your next tour:: make sure there’s a stop near Montreal. we’ll get together a veritable knit-and-book-mobile.

  16. Another fantastic cartoon Ann-n-Kay. Is that the two-person sweater from Knit 2 Together that you’re wearing? Congrats on the new gig – nobody blabs better than you two.
    And speaking of blabbing, got a tour schedule for the new book yet?

  17. What a fantastic magazine. Just perfect in looks, patterns and everything. And to be able to shar problems with you luverly ladies!!

  18. The Problem Ladies ROCK!
    Thanks for opening a lounge for all of the world’s stitcherly dysFunktion(s) and in my case, dysFunktionals…

  19. Dear Problem Ladies, I would actually like to know how to knit more. You’re combined productivity is amazing: book 2, personnal knitting, knitted upholstery (fer gosh sakes!), and now your new column? How do you do it? What is your secret?

  20. Don’t have a knitting problem just now – have been out of town so I missed the “summer reading” post. I do remember participating in the Smokey Bear reading program at my local public library in 3rd grade (no bookmobile for me!) and I have lovingly cherished my certificate all these years – it’s in my scrapbook. This summer my local library decided to have a summer reading program for adults, where we can write a short review with a rating for each book we read, and post it online! It’s fabulous and a lot of fun!

  21. When faced with the responsibility of shopping at the 40% off sale so the LYS can move to the more desirable location, but none of the “good” yarn that’s left will add up to a sweater, what’s a knitter to do? Doomed to knit a striped sweater? I found 770yds of good yarn and could only think to buy single skeins of another brand in complementary colors.
    I’m not interested in scarves, baby afghans or felted potholders.
    Chagrinned in Chicago

  22. I’ve been knitting five years now and still need to know how in the world to achieve an even gauge. Never mind being ON gauge for a particular project, just being EVEN, for heaven’s sake. I do manage to make things besides scarves (hats, a sweater, but it’s always a toss up as to whether it will be useable when done.
    BTW I’m a lefty and solved the problem by knitting continental in the same manner as right-handers. For some reason it doesn’t have to be transposed to feel comfortable.

  23. no WAIT WAIT, hang on. can ANYONE draw pictures of you??? can we ALL draw pictures of you??

  24. I already put my question in. Did ya answer it, did ya answer it?

  25. signed myself on to the new e zine
    the slippers are nice really are
    how does one translate the page

  26. I do have a question/problem….
    I’m a fairly tight knitter, I’m also a sock knitter… and I am having a really hard time finding a bind off that is stretchy enough for toe up socks. I’ve tried several, but so far none are stretchy enough.

  27. Bless you, Kay and Ann,
    This could not be better timing! I have several vintage knitting patterns I would like to knit. They have requirements listed as the type of yarn and how many ounces and/or skeins. The yarn no longer exists and I have no idea of the weight:yard ratio. Here is an example: “A 40″ vest took five 4 oz skeins of 2 ply Sheepswool at 5 stitches to the inch.” Is there a way, without making my head hurt, to calculate the yardage needed for a current yarn? This has been vexing me for weeks and hope you have an un-vex for me. Thank you! Tamsyn

  28. OK, I can read part of the questions.
    My question is: why bother to publish the questions if you’re not publishing answers?
    All there is on the page is part of the questions!

  29. Johann–question–did you click on “READ MORE” at the bottom of the questions? When I did, a window opened up with some nice answers. Hope this helps.

  30. Thank you for making me laugh so hard! I love your column in Twist Collective. I am counting down the days until your book comes out!

  31. Thank you for making me laugh so hard! I love your column in Twist Collective. I am counting down the days until your book comes out!

  32. I, too, am bothered by the fact that your names and faces don’t match up. What’s up with that? But I’m trying to be brave.
    I do a presentation about what I do for a living and at the end there are slides that have “Questions from the Audience,” in quotation marks because of course they’re *my* questions. Then the final slide says “REAL questions from the audience … if any….”
    This usually garners a laugh, but does not always inspire questions….

  33. Congratulations! This sounds like a cool gig. As if we needed one more reason to think ya’ll are too-cool-for-school. 😉

  34. Also – I have a question. Does anyone know what happened to the lovely online knitting mag MagKnits?

  35. OK, now I see it.
    On my screen, the grey text runs off onto the lavender section at the bottom and becomes almost completely invisible.
    I would never have seen it if I hadn’t been convinced it was there and kept looking until I saw it.

  36. I spent part of the weekend and this morning looking at the Twist Collective, and boy is this going to be dangerous to my pocketbook.
    There were very few things that I looked at and felt I could dismiss out of hand (from a willingness to knit and wear front). And even the ones I was pretty sure I wouldn’t want to wear looked like they would be fun to knit!

  37. I have a question! How do you determine if someone is knit-worthy? I’ve had the normal disappointments (knit a KSH Birch for my sister and it ended up on the floor of her closet) and triumphs (friend wore my socks so much they wore out!). I know the usual ‘don’t knit for someone unless they ask’. What about new people like teachers who change every year? How do you know if they’ll appreciate it? Do I try anyway? Ask first? Go with the ‘once you gift a handknit, let it free. If they wear it, great. If they don’t, don’t gripe’? What do you do??

  38. Here’s one for you. I have given up on doing anything but short-row heels for my socks because I simply cannot pick up the stitches for the gusset. I need some very explicit directions/pictures to help me. I always end up with the wrong amount picked up and they are always too loose looking at the gussety join. The join back into the socks is ALWAYS a nightmare. Help!

  39. I added it to the Ravelry database and used your URL from the post for people to link to.

  40. Dear Problem Solvers!
    New knitter that I am, I did a stitch switcheroo on Ruthie Nussbaum’s Minimalist Sweater. Instead of the moss stitch body with a rolling stockinette band/collar……… I did the body in stockinette and the band/collar in moss stitch. All the pieces are knit and ready to be sewn together which I haven’t attempted because the roll of the stockinette is so strong. I suspect that sewing the seems will be extremely difficult and even if I accomplish this the rolling with still spoil the look. I tried steam blocking one of the sleeves and it didn’t seem to make much difference as to the roll. Now I read that I shouldn’t have expected it to. Do you ladies have a solution? It’s done in a really pretty Lily Chin DK wool (Park Avenue) varigated yarn that I love and would like to end up with something nice even if I have to frog the sweater and make lots of gloves or socks. Thanks much!……… Janice


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