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The Perfect Yarn: Snurfle

Dear Kay, and the Perfect Handknit Think Tank,
Just a quick note to ASSURE you that the Future Search will continue shortly–let’s just say a few UNREGISTERED participants showed up and have been disrupting the executive committee planning session in a very uncooperative way.
OK, the fact is that we’ve all got colds here. I’m going to have another teal blue cordial (OK, Dayquil to you connoisseurs) and fire up the BlogPoll dealie. In the meantime, please share any tender yarn discoveries you may have had over the weekend regarding your homework mission: shopping for yarn. Personally (and facilitators aren’t supposed to share), I discovered six new yarns that I now covet.
[Snurf] Love,




  1. My yarn store came to me through the mail on Friday, and it included a new, very wonderful yarn: Alchemy Synchronicity. Also swatched Artfibers’ Scottie… both definitely qualify in the “yummy and aran” category.
    Oh, wait, those weren’t on our homework list. Never mind…

  2. I am filled with sorrow at the news of your cold. I recommend a lemon wedge chaser with the cordial. Also, I’d like to report a new-found fondness for Manos del Uruguay as a direct result of the homework assignment. Sigh.

  3. Okay, so I admit I would like lint if it were spun by Eisaku Noro, but thanks to this assignment I discovered Cash Iroha and life will never be the same.
    Bless you whenever you sneeze,
    PS Raw garlic and lots of it–TRUST me.

  4. Er, um, the dog ate my homework?

  5. Yes, I did homework. Yes, I bought yarn. I bought Noro Kureyon. I’ve never used it before, and I bought some to make the Edgar scarf in the new Knitty. I’m not sure I’d call this my favorite yarn — a little thick and thin — not quite soft enough. But I am having a great time watching it change color as I knit. I am easily amused.

  6. Ann,
    I did my homework 🙂 and after my trip to the LYS I am still a cotton person. I love it and it loves me.
    HOpe you feel better soon.

  7. I did my homework found some really great stuff. I discovered that I thought Koigu was Noro. I had never seen the Koigu before. The pure merino (SOLID) was pretty delish! Also the Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sport was delectable. I had forgotton how nice Zara is.
    I am not a silk person, but I dutifully went and performed my silk test- you know, the sniff test. Yeeeeeeech! Some of those were damned stinky. (No need to name names-don’t want to hurt their feelings, plus they know who they are.)
    Yep, still a wool person. And why would anybody (skacel) name a yarn Sofa?
    Feel better Ann!

  8. Hey, glad to hear about stinky silk. I had some Handmaiden silk/wool, and made myself a neckwarwmer that kinda resembled a dickey, and then realized it stunk. A stinky turtleneck thing!! Pee-yooo. And now I find that Summer Tweed has a bit of a pong too. But not as bad, I think, and I won’t be putting it right up to my nose. A big V-neck, I’m thinkin’.

  9. So sorry to hear about your cold, Ann. I did the homework this weekend and, while I am still not a wool fan and every nerve in my little cotton loving hands resisted, I did manage to touch and smell and ogle all sorts of fancy wools. I have heard lots of ravings about the Lorna’s Laces Lion and Lamb and now I know why. It is beautiful stuff.
    Get well soon – the perfect handknit future search eagerly awaits your return.


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