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The Real Royal Treatment

Dear Kay,
OK OK OK so it was me hacking into your account and posting pictures of you with world leaders. April Fool . . . and now that I figured out how to cut your head out and put it on other people’s bodies, well. This is going to be FUN.
Now. Here’s a real sight to warm your heart.
Isn’t it BEYOOTIFUL???? This is your birthday Belinda scarf, braising in a delicious broth of Citrus Soak and tap water. I’m going to block it while awaiting the arrival of your yarn. I think your choice is going to be either perfect or not, so I can’t wait to see how it works up.
Literary Moment of the Week
I have really been on a roll lately: Henry Alford last week (his latest NYT goat piece is here), now the historian David McCullough. I HAD to go hear him. I’ve read three of his books. I’d just finished watching the HBO series John Adams. Having boohooed through the entire seventh episode, I have a tender spot for ol’ McCullough and his breezy, easy way with history. Mostly, it’s that voice. One of the great voices.
Anyway, a crowd of about a thousand people showed up to hear him at Belmont University, and at the end, he confessed his love of Hank Williams. Delighted to have found himself on a stage in Nashville with a full house, without a blink he gave us a full-out a cappella performance of “Hey Good Lookin’.” We all ate it up, loving the whole thing.
These writers are so inspiring to me–they come out of their little holes to see their readers, and I always hear something new and surprising. There are author events everywhere, all the time. They’re free. The authors are just sitting there, hoping to meet you. I dunno: it just seems like a good thing to do.
And yes, Miley Cyrus is going to be at the bookstore a mile from my house next week, and OMG I am SO sleeping out at the mall to meet her.




  1. Don’t you think Miley needs a handknit scarf from her visit to Nashville? Maybe she can help us make knitting “cool” among pre-teens!

  2. Hmmm.
    For me, the McCullough-a-Capella story is a LOT harder to believe than Kay having tea with HRH.
    Is April 1 lasting a bit longer than usual this year??

  3. Now I am going to have to read the John Adams book!! Thanks – p.s. bought Raising Sand after reading about it on your blog – LOVE IT! Fortune teller is my kids fave…

  4. Boy, that’s a scary picture. I figured it probably wasn’t really tangled goat hair in the snow, but I had a moment of doubt, lemme tell you.

  5. Hahahaha! 😛 Loved the April Fools Prank!

  6. we had McCollough at a client event Once so I met him and his wife. Both lovely. I dream about doing their annual Brooklyn Bridge walk with them one day.

  7. When I saw McCullough, he sang a bawdy tavern song…can’t remember it now, but it was a very fun,and surprising way to end his lecture.

  8. On the goat link — EW! That is not the part of a goat that is interesting!

  9. All fun and funny. And I needed the laughs today. Thanks.

  10. is it ok to get off the summit now
    the hot air made my head hurt
    free events are the way to go
    d m is a fine writer
    will the shawl be ready for kays 53rd
    the postal service is haveing a hard
    time prices go up in may best get a move on

  11. Yam-it-all. We had tickets to see McCullough and I totally forgot. Love, love, love his books, too.

  12. Mohair and cashmere come from goats. We don’t eat our dear 4-legged yarn producing friends! (Includes sheep.)

  13. WOW! You pranked us all. I think Kay is going to find some sweet revenge to play on you. I just hope it is also very public here on the blog so we can all laugh along. I’ll have to check out these books having been a history major and all.

  14. April Fools joke? Then the joke was on all of us who commented in “good faith”. Wow. That’s too bad.
    The equally great Clara Parkes also played an April Fools prank on her readers this week, which had a hollow ring to it for me, as well. I don’t know why. I guess it’s because I’m thinking that not all April Fools pranks are actually that funny.

  15. You scared me — I thought that beautiful Belinda scarf had been left outside in the snow. Phew!

  16. Back when we first got satellite TV, I watched the entire Civil War series in one sitting and crocheted a one granny square afghan whilst doing so. The blanket remains, as does a teeny tiny obsession with that amazing voice.

  17. and here i thought you had left the scarf in the snow, frozen over like poor discarded charlotte. and here i thought you had left the scarf in the snow, frozen over like poor discarded charlotte. <--(bonus little house reference)

  18. ps. bonus little house reference…


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