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The Results Are In: The Official Cookie of Mason-Dixon Knitting

Dear one n all,
The voters’ fingers have been dipped in milk. The UN poll inspectors have all gone home. Jimmy Carter has concluded that democracy has been served. Here’s how the 2,450 votes stacked up in the quest for The Official Cookie of Mason-Dixon Knitting:
1. Girl Scout Thin Mint 249
2. Pepperidge Farm Milano 208
3. Walker’s Shortbread 200
4. Girl Scout Samoa 135
5. Chocolate-covered Digestive 118
6. Oreo 111
7. Carr’s Ginger Lemon Creme 103
8. Le Petit Ecolier 98
9. Tim Tam 76
10. Fig Newton 74
11. Oreo–Double Stuf 64
12. Trader Joe’s Peppermint Joe-Joe’s 58
13. McVities Hob Nob 57
14. Anna’s Ginger Thins 56
15. Trader Joe’s Triple Ginger Snaps 55
16. Pecan Sandies 54
17. Lorna Doone 49
18. Trader Joe’s Chocolate Almond Horn 47
18. Pepperidge Farm Chocolate Chunk Sausalito 47
20. Girl Scout Tagalong 47
21. Vienna Fingers 45
21. Mallomar 45
21. Moon Pie 45
24. Frosted Animal Cookies w/Sprinkles 42
25. Pim’s 35
26. Nutter Butter 33
27. Famous Amos Chocolate Chip 31
28. Pepperidge Farm Brussels 27
29. Bahlsen Choco Leibniz 24
30. Nonni’s Biscotti 21
30. Archway Frosted Lemon 21
32. Newman’s Own Ginger-O 19
33. Moravian Spice Cookies 18
34. Pepperidge Farm Gingerman 14
35. Pepperidge Farm Pirouette 13
35. Pepperidge Farm Bordeaux 13
37. Ikea Kakor Chokladflarn 11
37. Oreo–Double Stuf Mint 11
37. Famous Chocolate Wafer 11
40. Jammie Dodger 10
40. Keebler Soft Batch Chocolate Chip 10
40. Keebler French Vanilla Creme 10
43. Trader Joe’s Meringues 8
43. Oreo Fudgee 8
43. LU Cinnamon Spice 8
46. Lemon Hydrox 7
47. Fresh Market Kitchen Sink 4
A hearty high five to Girl Scout Thin Mints, the Official Cookie of Mason-Dixon Knitting!
Now, I realize that there are Thin Mint detractors out there. I know that some of you will say that the reason Thin Mints are eaten in such quantity is that the only way to get the taste of a Thin Mint out of your mouth is to eat another Thin Mint. I know that some of you refer to the coating as “polymerlike,” or “waxy,” or indeed “not really chocolate.” I know that some of you think mint is a toothpaste flavor, not a cookie flavor. And I say: I hear you. I may even believe these things. But that does not matter.
What matters is that a strong, clear Thin Mint voice was raised. A quick scan of Google will reveal that Thin Mints have long been the best-selling Girl Scout cookie. Indeed, people declare their love via clothing:
So when you see that Girl Scout cookie order form in the break room at work, order a box or two of Thin Mints. The Girl Scouts and the Girl Scout Cookie Moms of the world will thank you.
Miss Congeniality Awards
Best Cookie to Eat While Knitting: It has been pointed out that if you combined the Lorna Doone vote and the Walker’s Shortbread vote, shortbread would have won the day. Many have extolled the tidiness of a shortbread cookie, the way you can eat ‘n’ knit without chocolaty calamity, the way shortbread really sings when eaten with tea.
Most Fun Cookie: Tim Tams. Good lord, people, who knew you could turn a cookie into an activity? You Tim Tammers are clearly having a better time with your cookies than anybody else. My sister Buffy has emailed me and written me about the Tim Tam Slam, and she even went so far as to buy a vast quantity of Tim Tams for holiday gifts because her husband came back from a trip to Australia with these chocostravaganzas.
Best Name: Ikea Kakor Chokladflarn.
Best Surprise Contender: Chocolate-covered Digestives. Way to rally the troops on this one. Impressive showing for a cookie that has the word digestive in it.
Best Martin Luther King Day Cookie: It’s Martin Luther King Day, so I checked to see what Martin Luther King’s favorite cookie was. I didn’t find an answer, but I did learn that he loved pecan pie. So maybe a Pecan Sandie would do in a pinch.
Wishing you all a fine, cookie-loaded day.




  1. You two brigthen my day as always…too funny. Only problem with Thin Mints is I can only find them once a year!! And after I have eaten the freezer stash.. I am left with nothing! Cookie money has to go somewhere…yarn???

  2. Yay for the Thin Mints! Only problem, now I’m also craving that last sleeve tucked in the back of the freezer along with my knitting that I forgot by the front door… working on MLK day stinks!

  3. I need to bring this list with me next time I go to the grocery store so I can try out some of the “favorites” I’ve never heard of.
    Who knew people had such strong opinions about cookies?!

  4. Thanks for doing this. It’s really important to democratically decide the official Mason Dixon Cookie. Thin mints are a worthy winner.

  5. *pssst*
    A recent score of TimTams was made at Christmas Tree Shops!
    *looks shifty-eyed*

  6. How timely – I’m off to accost a girl scout – or more likely, a brownie in this neighborhood. Hmm, what happened to brownies in this voting anyway? Not really cookies, and yet…

  7. *sigh* Okay, I’m all for democracy, but really? Thin Mints, people?
    Nevertheless, I think there’s one other “other” category that shoul be mentioned: the Naughtiest Sounding Cookie category, and IMHO, that goes to le Petit Ecoliers because when the name is translate to English, one ends up saying things that might get one banned from schoolyards and public playgrounds. Things like, “I’m having a Little Schoolboy. Anybody else want one?” and “I looooove Little Schoolboys!”

  8. I would eat any of those cookies. I think you’d have to make the cookie out of dirt *and* leave out the sugar for me to not eat it.

  9. Yay for Chocolate Digestives! Because they have that D word, I ate them guilt-free through 2 pregnancies~

  10. As a Girl Scout Service Unit Cookie Chairperson, I have it drummed into my head annually that Thin Mints are the best selling cookies in America, even though they are available for a limited time each year. What is a closely-held secret, however, is that the EXACT SAME COOKIE by the EXACT SAME COMPANY is available 365 days/year, and isn’t even in the top 100 sellers. Unfortunately, I’m not at liberty to divulge the name.

  11. One or Two boxes of Thin Mints?
    Surely you left a digit off to be funny.
    Personally, I am going to go with 11 or 12. How else to make them last all year? Good thing I swore off resulutions this year…

  12. Hey – lucky number 7 – my lovely Ginger Lemon Creams didn’t do so badly!! My youngest and I were both girl scouts, so I can’t begrudge Thin Mints the top spot, but I’m still glad to see my fave in the top ten. I think some more research to determine Martin’s favorite cookie is in order . . . though I’d have to wager it was homemade.

  13. TimTam Slam, huh? I thought for sure that people were sucking (ugh) beer or liquor through these cookies (it being Australia), but a quick look at Wikipedia shows that coffee, tea or hot chocolate are the norms. Sorta like dipping yr biscotti or Oreos without having to worry about dripping all the way to yr mouth… but messy if it collapses to quickly.
    Must try!

  14. I totally would have voted for Chocolate covered Digestive Biscuits except I didn’t find them in the list. Even so, that changes nothing.
    In case anybody didn’t get a chance to taste test beforehand, digestives are a sort of cross between shortbread and graham crackers, and with chocolate on top are better than either.

  15. Thin Mints are good and all. Hey, I was a even reluctant Girl Scout myself. However the is no way that Thin Mints are a better, tastier or more desireable cookie than Pepperidge Farm Mint Milanos. Such crunchy and delicate cookies with refined layers of dark chocolate and mint inbetween… And, being packaged in three paper cups, a bag of Min Milanos is 3 servings versus the two tube servings in a box of Thin Mints. (Don’t even try to tell me anyone eats any fewer of either! I won’t believe it.)

  16. I voted for Hob Nobs, but I guess I did just order five boxes of Thin Mints. And I can’t remember the last time I bought a roll of Hob Nob. Actions speak louder, I guess.

  17. Way to go, digestive biscuits! The virtuous sounding indulgence that doesn’t overdo salt, sugar or chocolate (at least, in taste). They got my vote.

  18. I don’t like those mints. I guess there’s more for you.

  19. Thin Mints?? …. But…. But…. They’re not availible the whole year. And they’re expensive. I say the contest is rigged!! I thnk that I need to go eat a Chocolate Wafer while I think about this.

  20. Just in time, too, because one of my coworkers brought in a Girl Scout Cookie order form today.
    Thin Mints, in my opinion, are at their best when they’re frozen. I like them best when they’ve got the frosty thing going … and they’re less likely to leave chocolate on your fingers then, too. (This is also my preferred way of eating Kit Kats, for the record.)

  21. LOL. Your blog is so good for my daily laugh–which is very healthy for me, so now I can go have a cookie (a PF pirouette–although I voted for Nonni’s biscotti. Both knitting-friendly choices). And now I need to try all the ones I had never even heard of!

  22. Personally, I am astounded that Oreos only came in fifth. But as a Thin Mint devotee, I cannot really complain.

  23. I’m all giddy. Falling in line at #9, and I hadn’t even heard of Tim Tams until a year ago. I am just so proud. Now everybody head on over to World Market and snatch some up for Valentine’s Day.

  24. i am from florida i demand a recount

  25. What about the Girl Scout Trefoil?! That’s another tasty shortbread… I was sad it wasn’t on the list. I’m glad to see that my choice, Girl Scout Samoa, made it to #4!

  26. Have we forgotten the OMDKCS (Official Mason-Dixon Knitting Emergency Cookie Substitute)?
    Cheerios + chocolate chips! Almost like a baked good, for those of us with small children who can’t leave the house alone in the evening when we are out of cookies and also out of brown sugar and also out of the energy to make anything but desperately in need of a baked-good or something like it?
    Cheerios + chocolate chips. Not messy. Hidden from less creative members of the family. And heart healthy if eaten daily for 6 weeks without the chocolate chips.

  27. Yes, what the heck IS a “digestve”, anyway?
    Although Thin Mints do have their definite charm, I voted for a cookie that is available all year round, since that’s when I’m bound to be knitting something. More practical, if less popular……
    Now, who’s gonna arrange the 1st (annual?) Mason-Dixon Cookie Exchange?
    P.S.–Whatever has happened to Peek-Frean cookies?
    Aaaannd,didn’t THEY make a digestive?

  28. Well, yeah, democracy doesn’t mean everyone is happy, just that we all got a say. Thin mints? We couldn’t get any more creative than that??? I guess I should have spent more on my campaign,er, guess I should have had a campaign.
    I am feeling really good that my favorite cookie, which I had for the first time last month, was well loved enough to make 7th.
    Thanks for the fun!

  29. True confessions: I went to the grocery just to get Little Schoolboys tonight. It’s on you.

  30. ps elizabeth a airhart’s comment is the best. Can she be the Official Commenter of Mason Dixon?

  31. Well, since I enjoy 7 of the top 10 choices, I can’t say I am disappointed. But I will say Thin Mints have not been as good since FFV, (?)I think that’s the company took over the Girl Scout cookies. Or maybe they used to make them and someone else took them over, in any event, Thin Mints used to be better than they are now. (Sorry, Martha from Mobile)
    Now though, if I am going to eat a cookie, it’s Ecoliers all the way.

  32. Well, I voted for Walker’s Shortbread, but secretly wished their ginger cookies were in the running. They are the cookies that turned me into a candied ginger fiend. Spicy and sweet, sharp and oh so comforting, just wonderful and complete. However in a pinch, shortbread is fine. Thin Mints- I’ll just pass the box to another knitter.

  33. I voted for Oreos as more universal, but I love thin mints. Keebler Grasshoppers are very similar (perhaps the same, martha…?) for those of you needing an off-season fix.
    MDK has once again made a valuable contribution to the cultural store of knowledge by conducting this poll. Must Find TimTams….

  34. I just knew Thin Mints would win. I have never heard of Tim Tams but will be on the look out. And as far as the very interesting Tim Tam Slam, I will be attempting a Thin Mint Slam when my boxes arrive from my local Girl Scout. Thanks for the idea and the challenge.

  35. Now I am going to need to go to the grocery store and see if I can figure out which cookie is the Thin Mint in disguise.
    And I would totally be up for a cookie swap. I love making cookies (and my parents need me to make some to mail anyway).

  36. may i point out that shortbread not only sings out when enjoyed with tea, but with many adult beverages. For instance, you may wish to pair your shortbread with a whiskey. or perhaps a hot toddy …. or ….

  37. So proud to be a knitter! If anything, we know our cookies as well as, or maybe better, than our potent potables.

  38. “But I thought there was going to be a run-off!” wailed the sore loser, who was hoping that Milanos would win.
    However, upon reflection, I believe I can accept the Triumvirate of Thin Mints-Milanos-Walker’s Shortbread. “One of the top three cookies in a recent international cookie poll.” It’s all in the spin… : )

  39. Score! I just ordered Thin Mints from a little girl scout yesterday!

  40. As a long time lover of Thin Mints, I have to give a shout out to McVitees Chocolate covered Digestives. Thank goodness for World Market for those lovelies close to my house. One great trip to the South of England I returned home with a suitcase full of the blue canisters. The airport people said that happens often. Totally one of the best cookies/biscuits around. Yum.

  41. I had forgotten about Tim Tams. Great cookies in many varieties. One of the highlights of our New Zealand trip.

  42. Diane, I’m in. A Christmas cookie swap with Mason-Dixon’s top ten. Ladies, early December at Ann’s house. I’m bringing the Tim Tam’s. No baking offers up more time for knitting gifts.

  43. At the risk of sounding arrogant, my favorite cookies are the ones I make. I have several really wonderful recipes, and homemade cookies just can’t be beat!

  44. Scotty, check the “rules,” of this cookie vote as set down by Ann on 1/13/11: “Nominees must be storebought cookies.” This is very sensible, given the sad but very real fact that we cannot all taste each other’s homemade cookies. I’m sure your cookies are delicious, maybe even better than Great-Aunt Winnie’s Molasses Caramel Drops…in fact, your homemade cookies get my vote, even untasted!

  45. I heartily agree with the comment about Thin Mints’ “polymer”-like coating. However, my husband taught me how to overcome this problem: Store the Thin Mints in the freezer. This nullifies the texture of the chocolate and lets the mint flavor “sing.”

  46. Love the Anthropologie link in the snippets! I want that filmy cabin in the woods… the one made of organza or something…

  47. Ann, you and Kay are truly fine human beings.
    This was a well run and truly democratic cookie election. I’d say Thin Mints ran a fair campaign. To the victor goes this month’s cookie budget!

  48. so fun! I have loved digestives since a trip to England 10 yrs. ago. MY friend brought back a huge shopping bag full (those were the days when you could) and it broke on the plane because it was so heavy. Sooo she handed them out to people on the plane.

  49. have never heard of Tim Tams-need to check that out!

  50. OMG. Pepperidge Farms is now distributing Tim Tams in the states!! I just picked some up at my local ShopRite. Time to try the Tim Tam Slam….

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