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The View From My Desk

Dear Kay,
One of my favorite features over at Andrew Sullivan’s blog is The View from Your Window. Above is the sky out my window this morning; I’m not a sunrise-photo-taker, but this one was just so pink. If anybody else would like to share the view from your window, leave a comment with a link if you feel it.
It’s a week before Christmas, y’all. How’s it going?
I thought I’d share a View from My Desk, seeing as how it’s totally piled up with all manner of treasures.
We got an invitation to a Christmas party, a big ol’ Hatch Show Print poster. Fab!
These tags came from Michaels, where the Martha Stewart aisle is a quiet little oasis of taste.
I spent a ridiculous amount of time looking at all the Martha gear. It’s lovely, every single bit of it. But the intense aesthetic buzz I got during my little meditative moment in the Martha aisle was nipped right off during the desperate hostage situation at the checkout line. We customers set down our baskets of stuff. We blinked in Morse code at each other: “H-E-L-P M-E.” We completed the craft projects we hadn’t even paid for yet. O.M.G. The gates of hell will look exactly like the checkout stations at Michaels. They’ll hand you a basket with a brazillion tiny items, each of which has to be bar-scanned, one by one.
They just need to sell that stuff by the pound. Like a giant, crafty salad bar. The pricing in that place bears no relationship to anything: sometimes it’s 70% off half of the store. Eight bucks for a bottle of glue. WhatEVer. They should have Make Up Your Own Price Day.
OK. Here’s a palate cleanser, a Wendell Berry poem for ya. This came with an invitation for a Nashville Tree Foundation fundraiser, featuring a talk by this Kentucky novelist/farmer/poet/tree hugger.
Just sayin, if you haven’t given anybody a tree for the holidays yet, this would be a great place to get one.
Here are some really biomorphic stitch markers that Francie O. made for us.
I’d link to her website, but she has put herself on polymer clay hiatus for the moment. Maybe we can persuade her to go back into bidness.
Jingle bells waiting for their jingle moment:
A holiday note from a pal I hadn’t heard from in a while. So delightful! Let’s all drop a line to somebody we haven’t talked to in a while.
Here’s my dwindling pile of catalogs. I’ve opted out of 49 catalog companies via Catalog Choice.
I’m not anti-catalog; there’s nothing like a wallow in the weird parallel universe that is Anthropologie. But doesn’t it give you a little pang to see yet another catalog in your mailbox from the Popcorn Company, when you’ve probably ordered your last batch of that stuff? Hm, wait a minute. Caramel popcorn? What was I thinking? I LOVE THAT STUFF.
I hesitate even to bring it up, but I’ve started a blanket for Clif, now that I’ve finished David’s. I hate even more to let you know that it may well involve little squares of garter stitch. But it does.
And finally, the view from my desk I enjoy the most these days is this photo of Clif heading for the beach this summer.
Peace out, everybody!



  1. Thank you for the beautiful fotos, poems, etc…
    It erased the Michael’s checkout line flashbacks- I’m usually behind the person with 42 sheets of decorative computer/scrapbook paper and 20 teeny tiny packets of clearance items.
    The sunrise foto and Berry poem are wonderful.

  2. ….ahem. Beats Hobby Lobby. They don’t have bar scanners, so have to type in every single price manually………

  3. ….ahem. Beats Hobby Lobby. They don’t have bar scanners, so have to type in every single price manually………

  4. Don’t know how I’ve missed this one, but “Anthropologie” sounded interesting – like a consortium of Museum stores or something – so I clicked the link…
    Ooooh. Ahhhh. Uh-oh.
    I may *ask* them to send me a catalog ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. My favorite part of your desk is the “No Pointless Surfing” note because hello, I do it all day long. Must make myself the same note…
    Merry Christmas!

  6. I love the blanket. I love it. It’s pouring rain here in Berkeley. http://home.pacbell.net/annhb

  7. I love your site, being a below-the-Mason-Dixon-Line girl myself (Kentucky rocks! As does Mr. Wendell Berry, i must say). I agree: Michael’s is the first circle of hell, but JoAnn’s is the second and the third . . . Merry Christmas, y’all!

  8. Ann, I’m afraid you may not be the only one contemplating — nay, even well underway! — a blanket of little garter stitch squares. I did toy with bumping them up to a whomping 5 inches, but just couldn’t.

  9. Nice view. Posted mine on my blog. Picture taken at 5:14pm. Winter Solstice only a few days away…

  10. “They just need to sell that stuff by the pound. Like a giant, crafty salad bar. ” As a former Michaels employee—Yes, yes, yes yes! The tiny wooden figures were always great because they were nice and flat, but OMG the embroidery thread sales…

  11. Is it wrong of me to want to start making a similar blanket for each of my sons? Who are 18 and 23, for Dog’s sake? Those little garter stitch squares… out of some lovely Rowan Tweed… in earthy browns and blues and grays…
    Oh, wait, I’d have to sew them together.
    Never mind.

  12. I am getting up from the computer to make my own “No Pointless Surfing” sign right now, to post at least until after winter break sends the kiddles back to school.
    The blanket is lovely in its geometric tweediness.

  13. I am trying to resist the siren song of 4″ squares for my own blanket. And of course, the left over sock yarn balls are all staring at me. I’m not in too much trouble until they start talking to me, am I?

  14. OMG – ROFL like crazy. Yes, YES, Michael’s is definitely hideous at checking out (Jo-Ann’s I agree is immediately behind it). If I can’t get there when they open, I just assume I can personally manufacture whatever I was going to purchase faster than I’d get to check out. But a crafty salad bar… meanwhile, also trying to resist the urge for a small square blankie. Hey, I’m a quilter, what are a few more unfinished blocks?

  15. Like Beth said, it beats Hobby Lobby. Today we went and the gal was having trouble with ours because of a bit of scrap booking things. It was in the Christmas section and that was 1/2 off and the regular scrap booking stuff isn’t on sale and she was confused. And there’s always a billion people lined up.
    But, I love the pictures.

  16. Nothing better than beach photos! The peace and timelessness of it! Peace to you!

  17. hi ann
    any one remember
    deck us all with boston charlie
    walla walla,wash;an kalamazoo
    nora’s freezing on the trolley
    boola boola pensacoola hullabaloo
    the little squares are so fun

  18. If you like those Martha tags, check out this Etsy shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5280489
    I am not Paperologie or related to her or whatever, but I have some of her tags and they make my heart squee. A lot.
    It’s like Martha but better.

  19. One of the best laughs I’ve had all day – even my husband got a good chuckle – he won’t go within 50yds of a craft store. I’m always behind the lady that looks like she has one giant floral piece but once she gets it out of the cart you realize she’s hiding 50 tiny objects under it!

  20. Over at the UK blanket HQ, I have good news for M Webb, Karen Rosenberg, Terasa Perkins and Clara Dorsch. You have all won mini prizes. The first UK Blanket will be raffled in 12 hours time (10pm GMT) so if you haven’t got your tickets yet, hurry, hurry, hurry!

  21. Here’s my view out my living room window.. the Han River in Seoul, South Korea. (Of course, you can see more of the city out the other windows- but, this window has my favorite view of the river.) http://iwouldratherbeknitting.blogspot.com/

  22. I thought it was just my Michael’s that had check-out issues. Every time I go there I end up standing in line for half an hour to pay for my one pair of DPNs. At least once I just walked out because I didn’t feel like waiting for so long.

  23. Oh my lord, yes! Michaels is bad but Hobby Lobby is a million times worse. I feel bad for those poor people who’ve got to price up 10 packets of beads at 50% off and so on. (they usually just type in 5 bags and assume the other 5 are exactly the same price)

  24. My view: http://www.martinimade.com/martinimade/2007/12/because-i-am-a.html
    I’m feeling all queasy at just the thought of going to Michaels.

  25. Anyone else see the face of Don King in the sunrise photo….?

  26. Ann, I laughed out loud at the Michaels remarks. You are dead on. What I wouldn’t give for a per pound pricing model at that place!

  27. A.C. Moore is our local craft store. If I have to take my first-grader, even if I get him past the aisle with the bags of little pom-poms and all the impulse-buy stuff just outside the checkout lane, I can’t get out of there without a new refrigerator magnet. They stick them to the sides of the checkout chute exactly at eye-level for six-year-olds fritzed out from waiting in line for twenty minutes. We already have two each of the railroad crossing and Lionel train magnets…
    Oh, and here’s the view out my kitchen window:

  28. I posted a pic of the colours in the sky just this morn.

  29. I really liked the idea of posting photos of one’s view. It took me quite a while but I finally did it. I posted three sets to make up for the delay!

  30. just wanted u to know i totally enjoyed visiting … it is so nice to connect with like minded people. like your thoughts and views and how you mkae things happen

  31. just wanted u to know i totally enjoyed visiting … it is so nice to connect with like minded people. like your thoughts and views and how you mkae things happen


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