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The Winner Has Two-Year-Old Twins

Dear Kay,
Exotic exotic exotic. I have never read so much exoticism as in the comments everyone left in response to the little contest to win a copy of the BOWLING AVENUE proofs. China, Tortola, New Zealand, the wild Canadian east coast. The cafeteria of the Fashion Institute of Technology.
Some of you ask whether a place like Missouri or Ohio or North Carolina counts as exotic. To someone like me, writing a story set in a neighborhood in Nashville, Tennessee, I’ll answer YES! ABSOLUTELY! Sometimes the most unexpected things happen on a stroll down a suburban street.
Using the True Random Number Service, the winner is sarah-potterknitter. She writes: “I’m in! I can test read with almost two year old twin boys underfoot. Now that’s exotic.”
I think we can all agree on that.
Please take a peek at the truly beautiful pottery Sarah creates and sells on Etsy. (Showing her Sold page because there’s so much variety in what she does.) Join her mailing list at her website.
I’m aiming for a publication date of Friday the 13th of April. How’s that for auspicious? The story in BOWLING AVENUE actually begins on April 14, so maybe I should just shoot for that?
I wish I had 279 proofs available. I can’t thank you enough for your interest–it made my day to hear from you all.




  1. I can barely find time to read with 2 dogs, let alone twin boys!!!!

  2. April 13 is my sister’s 50th birthday and we used to live in Nashville. Sounds like a great birthday gift to me!

  3. Congrats to Sarah!

  4. Didn’t you turn in one of your other books on Friday the Thirteenth? Tell me if I made that up — call it the crushingness of losing . . . Need Another Test Reader?

  5. I read once that Friday the 13th is a lucky day for those who were born on it, as I was. I’ll send my Friday the 13th luck and love your way on publication day. TriskaidekaPHILIA forever! : )

  6. Definitely wait until April 14th!

  7. Yup, two year old twins underfoot sounds like a perfect exotic early test read! Congrats to Sarah! I’m looking forward to the publication!

  8. April 14— the Bloomsday of Bowling Avenue….

  9. It was fun. Can’t wait for the publication date!

  10. There is a big red circle on my calendar for April – and not just because it’s my mother’s birthday. YAY! It is so fun to have things to look forward to.
    Let us know when we can pre-order, won’t you? xo!

  11. You guys make *my* day, every time you post! Thanks! Can’t wait read the novel.

  12. Can’t wait for the book to publish. Maybe I’ll be Jane in FL by then and can read it in a seashore setting. I am a Friday the 13th baby so hope you publish on that date. (:

  13. Oh, please keep it on the 13th. That’s a lucky number here. My daughter was born on the 13th of December. Her daughter on the 13th of October and she’s due to have her second also on the 13th of October. VERY lucky day!

  14. How do we pre-order, order, just get it ASAP??

  15. Garden and Gun had a cameo appearance on last night’s GCB……and I felt like I was in such the know! Thanks!

  16. Oh…it starts on my one and only son’s birthday…yay!

  17. Exotic is relative.
    I live in the US South, in a highrise in downtown of the big city. I am Taiwanese-American and friends with refugees and immigrants from all over the world. Many of my friends are very liberal women.
    I have one friend who’s a white guy Republican Catholic living in rural South Dakota.
    I think *he’s* exotic.

  18. ooo! Proof copies! That is so, so exciting. I cried when I got my proof. 🙂

  19. Can’t wait for publication. I found out a small independent book store near me has a book printing machine. I will get to watch it “be published” just for me.

  20. April 13th is my anniversary. And after 9 years, 2 kids (plus one in progress), April 13th is a wonderful and auspicious day! Good luck!


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