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There’s a Story Here

Dear Ann,
Knowing your eBay habits as intimately as I unfortunately do, I probably don’t need to tell you to check out this auction. But I bet you’re wondering: WHA? Didn’t somebody already win that afghan?
Well, yes, somebody did. Back in February, the name that came out of the hat to win the raffle to benefit Oliver’s Fund was a Ms. Joan Hamer, who had sent in many squares. After I posted her name, I started to get emails asking me whether the winner was that Joan Hamer, but I didn’t know. When Joan Hamer got in touch with me, I asked her, “Are you that Joan Hamer, the one people keep telling me about, who is a pillar of the KnitList, who has taught scores of knitters how to make socks, who has dedicated more than a little of her own knitting time and her stash to good causes?” Well, yes, she said, I think I am that Joan Hamer.
Needless to say I was thrilled at the karma of that Joan Hamer winning our labor of love, our very large, very woolly, greatly bestitched-upon blanket-of-many-hands.
Joan had a question, though. She really loved the afghan. She could not wait to receive the afghan and show it to her knitting pals. But then, she said, she wondered if it would be OK to send it back so that it could perhaps be auctioned off to raise more cash for Oliver’s Fund.
So, I guess it really was that Joan. Who was I to say no?
To everybody who said they wanted to win the afghan, here’s your chance. You’ve got seven days to wrassle your fellow eBayers for it. May the most tenacious win. I will smile all the way to the Post Office.



  1. Perhaps, in light of her generosity, we could nominate Joan for some kind of M-D sainthood. I’m not even kidding. Name a day after her on which we will pledge to give away something really beautiful to someone who needs it more than we do.
    I want to be more like Joan when I grow up.

  2. I think “Joan” day is a brilliant idea! Wow!

  3. How flippin’ cool is Joan?!

  4. The generosity of knitters is just plain beyond the stratosphere. I am beside myself with amazement.

  5. Wow! That’s a lot of money!
    Way to go, Joan!

  6. I saw the current bid, and it took my breath away. We need more Joans, seriously.

  7. Y’know, I got caught up in trying to knit enough squares for blanket for my house, and I’m thinking the current bid of +$500 is way too cheap.
    And I’m with Carrie–we do need lots more Joans.

  8. Ahhh…that legendary Joan Hamer. Kudos to you for your generosity!

  9. Wow, just knocked out. Thanks Joan, you’re definitely the one! Going to ebay now…..

  10. That Joan is one wonderful Joan. I hope the auction brings in tons of money!

  11. Joan???/ Are you Joan of the swimming Joe Hamer? From the Ridley Park Swim Club???
    Just wondering!!!!!!!

  12. I’m am SO embarrassed to be put in the spotlight like this. Ann and Kay, I told you to keep it low key in mention of myself! I did. I’m a background person. But I am more than gratified that the bids are way up there and so many have bid. Make my heart dance and let the total go higher and higher. It’s for a very good cause and I’m proud to have been a part of it. I won that afghan for a reason. Nuf said.
    No relation to Joe Hamer but I do swim!
    As an aside, I saw a man on Oprah yesterday who said that when you give or are the recipient of a good deed, seratonin levels not only go up for both people but those around you. The world needs more good feelings. I’m all for that and thank you for supporting Oliver. I will admit to having tears in my eyes. Good ones.

  13. What an outstandingly generous thing to do :0) And I couldn’t be happier that a wonderful boy like Oliver is going to benefit – although if he gets any zippier a wheelchair his Mum and Dad are going keel over trying to keep up with him !
    Heather x

  14. There are an aweful lot of Joan’s in the knitting world, though, aren’t there? Generous spirits one and all. This is how the world gets made into a better place. One stitch at a time.
    blessings and peace, pammie

  15. What an amazingly thoughtful gesture from Joan. But it is totally in line with the generosity in sharing her expertise with her fellow knitters on the knitlist.

  16. Left out: the generosity she has shown in sharing her expertise.
    I also meant to say WOW you guys did a fantastic job of assembling the blaanket – it looks great. Truly a matter of the whole being greatr than the sum of the parts!

  17. Amazingly generous, and btw…wow that’s one amazing price so early in the auction! It’s out of my price range but I can’t wait to see what’s ultimately raised…for such a fabby cause as Young Mr. Oliver.
    (I think we should perhaps consider annointing Ms. Joan? with “Saint” perhaps?)

  18. This totally made me cry. Joan, you may have had tears in your eyes, but I had them running down my face. What a beautiful gesture. You are a gem and an inspiration. I personally thank you for that inspiration.

  19. All I can say is WOW!

  20. WOW! The price is already more than this ‘school teacher’ can bid.. but, I’m very pleased to know that a few of my squares are in that beautiful blanket..
    AND, I think that I finally (I’m almost positive anyway) saw my pretty muted green squares too!
    That is a beautiful piece of art.. soft warm art.

  21. Thanks for that big hit of Remote Seratonin, Joan!

  22. Joan is just rolling in the good karma!!!
    And have you seen how high the bidding is???
    Joan rocks our socks!!

  23. Joan is just rolling in the good karma!!!
    And have you seen how high the bidding is???
    Joan rocks our socks!!

  24. St. Joan! Way to go! Thank you.

  25. Any relation to Rusty Hamer, the brilliant child comedian (IMHO) of the ‘Make Room for Daddy’ show? (OK, couldn’t resist.)
    All kidding aside, what an inspiring, unselfishly beautiful gesture, Joan! God bless.

  26. $685 bid – go blanket go! and hurrah for Joan!

  27. I am hoping that the Idea of auctioning this blanket for Oliver continues, that winner would again receive the blanket, show it around, and then auction it again. Wouldn’t that be fabulous, and that the temporary owners of the blanket kept a history of who and where the blanket went.

  28. holy cow the bid is already up to $700 as of 8:20amET
    you guys are awesome.

  29. Brava Joan Hamer!!!

  30. Queen Knitsalot, that’s a lovely thought, but remember, whoever gets the blanket this time isn’t winning it with a 2$ raffle ticket. It might deter ebay bidders if they thought they might be *expected* to pass along a $700+ blanket for yet another auction or raffle. Just a thought 🙂
    And this is not meant to detract in any way from Joan’s incredibly generous gesture, just because she won the blanket in a 2$ raffle!!! I don’t know Joan but I wish I did…Joan ROCKS!!!

  31. W

  32. Joan is wicked awesome.

  33. Too rich for my blood, but my favourite line on the page (even more than the $760 bid) is “seller couldn’t figure out how to change shipping from only in the United States”. I’ve never sold anything on ebay, but I bet that would be me too!

  34. Joan, you are amazing!
    Great idea about a Saint Joan Day where we all make something for someone more needy than ourselves.

  35. I was going to say the same. You just have to love Joan!
    (Seller cannot figure out how to change the statement “Ships to: United States”).

  36. Wow!!! It is all I can add! Bidding it up to $800!! How awesome!


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