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‘Tis the Gift To Be Simple

Dear Ann,
Reader Gretchen kindly wrote to tell me (a) she liked our audiobook, and (b) to send me a link to this blanket for a baby boy because she thought I’d like it. Well, yes. I like it and in fact I lurve it! As it happens, for the past few weeks I had been running through my mental list of Baby Blankets I Like To Knit, for a couple of baby boys who are growing a pound a day and speaking in full sentences at this point, and wasn’t coming up with anything that I was in the mood for. The Baby Shane blanket is IT. Thank you Gretchen, and thank you, Tanis for putting it out there.
And then I had this great idea–I don’t know where it came from–to make this blanket in……Rowan Denim.
I don’t know how I keep coming up with these new ideas. It’s a gift, I guess.




  1. Yes, that is a splendid blanket. I’m keen on the denim these days, having just acquired a brand new vintage retro copy of the Rowan Denim book. I like this blankie in these colours, but am willing to be impressed by the denim version. You’d have to use ecru, I think. And a touch of the black! Oooh, getting exciting!

  2. Whoa! The photograph looks like a painting! Fantastic!
    Okay, going back to actually read the pattern now ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Uh, when did my name become “pine”? Sorry!
    Anyway, did you see the photo of the BACK of the blankie??? Fantastic AGAIN! Fantastic MORE!!!

  4. That’s right Kay Rowan Denim Gardiner it’s a G.I.F.T….you make me smile….I just went through a baby quilt stage, seemed like everyone I knew had a baby and expected a quilt, got quite sick of them! Maybe knitting one would be a nice change. I can always put it up for the someday grandkids like my grandmother did. When I had mine she was gone but I had a nice box of baby daygrowns and dresses like she always made for people. Happy Knitting!

  5. Rowan Denim? I am so shocked…

  6. Yeah, by now your yarn stash must be a regular ‘den(im) of inKNITquity’ (but we wouldn’t have it any other way!).

  7. Today I saw “green” home insulation made from (radically) recycled denim and I thought of you. “It’s the kind of stuff that might actually make Kay interested in learning to spin,” I thought.

  8. You know what else would work with this? Two different colors of Noro, along the lines of that Jared Flood Noro Striped scarf.
    Noro, sigh.

  9. that blanket is beautiful and your rowan denim inspiration is indeed truly inspired!
    heh heh, thanks for making me smile tonight.

  10. You were born to knit this blanket. Mitered Garter Stitch Borders!
    I about tumped over.

  11. Tanis Fiber Arts is definitely one to watch – young, creative and accomplishing stuff!
    I tried her sock yarn, and it was very nice stuff.
    And she has a fun blog.
    Just a happy customer over here.

  12. Umm I didn’t mean to use “stuff” in two consecutive sentences …
    Just in a hurry to wave a fan flag for Tanis.

  13. That is a beautiful blanket, and I’m positively STUNNED that you thought to do it in denim ; )

  14. Yes! Denim! It’s inspired! (can’t wait to see it)

  15. Rowan denim? Really? Who would have expected that from you? My real question is whether you have asked Rowan to put you on their marketing payroll…you deserve some placement dollars at a minimum!

  16. Ah, to be your favorite yarn, ever. Does Rowan know how good they have it??

  17. That is a great baby blanket. The next time I need to knit a blanket, I think I will keep that pattern in mind!

  18. Scrumptious! Brilliantly simple. Tanis has got it GOING ON. Think of all the ways to have fun with this construction. And her version is so frackin baby-perfect.


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