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Two Degrees of Separation?

Dear Kay,
So I’m doodling along reading some of my favorite blogs, and I’m having a browsefest at CurlsandPurlsNYC, enjoying Lis’s photos of last weekend’s New York City Knit Out. Lis, being curly haired as she is, snapped a picture of an equally curly-headed knitter, and posted it on her curly-haired blog.
As I idly look at this “Linda” person and wonder what pattern she’s wearing, it occurs to me, I know that person. It’s Linda, for heaven’s sake, my old knitting-maniac publishing pal Linda whom I haven’t seen in ten years. Here’s “Linda,” as she appeared last weekend in Union Square:
Here is my friend Linda K., circa May 12, 1990. That would be my wedding day, when she was in Nashville to help me through my nuptials:
So, forensic photographic detectives, whaddya think? Am I right? Is Pink Sweater Linda the very same one who knit this ultracute eggplant hat for my baby in 1996?
(When was my seven year old ever this small?)



  1. i think that is her! that’s so crazy!

  2. what a small world…. Chenille Collection winging it’s way to you.

  3. A. I think it’s the same person and 2. I think her pink sweater is CHENILLE.
    It’s a Sign From God.

  4. I think the pattern might possibly be from Knitty.com. – I did a version of it.

  5. Well the 2 Lindas look v. much alike, hair is very much similar curliness so it’s got to be one & the same – hope she finds her way here so that you can get in touch again.
    Thanks for all the sympathy with the morning sickness (morning? pah! all-day-&-middle-of-the-night sickness more like!) – how I wish I could go to sleep for the afternoon, I can’t even squeeze in a short nap at lunch time (we get 30mins lunch break) so I tend to have to go-slow for most of the afternoon. If anyone wants that paper made in a hurry, they’d best ask someone else…
    Still, in a few months, they’ll let me go on maternity leave – then I get to watch daytime telly, knit and decide what unimaginable craving-related weirdo concoction I’m going to cook hubby & I for dinner 🙂 He’s dreading the day when I announce that I want custard with the coal.

  6. ann —
    i am not so sure it is the same person…teeth look different, no?
    and nope, its not chenille. a bargain yarn from elann. and yes, jill, the sweater appeared in knitty, but whose sweater is it?


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