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Upstate Knitting Party

Dear y’all,
I’m issuing the red alert today because Kay has wandered off to Philadelphia on another one of her freaky day trips to hang out with Cristina. Only slightly envious. Totally.
Girl cannot even post a simple blog entry anymore. Failure to blog is a possible symptom of letting herself go, if you know what I mean.
O knitters of the Catskills, arise! Kay is coming up on Saturday, January 20, one o’clock, for a knitting party at what has to be the cutest shop in the entire state of New York: Mercantile, which is located at 72 Main Street, Andes, NY. Here’s a map. You’ll notice that Main Street could just as well be called The Street.
We have a tender feeling for Andes, because it’s where many of the photos for our book were made. Mercantile is owned by Rick Shaver and Lee Melahn, the folks who let us take over their house. (That’s the house, above. I got no photo of the shop!)
There’s great food nearby at Cassie’s Kitchen, The Andes Hotel if you get sleepy (they throw a fine Christmas party), and a feeling that you are living about six decades ago.
Why am I telling you all this, when only a fraction of us can go? Because I wish we could all be there, in that lovely, secret little town. Now we can all imagine it.




  1. What a cute town! I grew up in a fairly small town in PA and love that feeling of knowing everyone who lives within walking distance of you. You don’t get that same feeling in a city. Wish I could be there!

  2. Oh that sounds so wonderful! I wish I could be there too. We should all get together (online?) and stage a knit-in in protest of not being in that cute little town. Okay, so my idea needs some work . . .

  3. My heart stopped. I thought the first pic was the yarn shop – probably with a hobbit proprietor and a little fireplace burning peet! O I bet she could give me some pointers on what to do with all this hand spun brown wool!

  4. Well, shoot! I was sure all the photos in the book were from your house – I obviously *did* fall off the turnip truck yesterday (or I just have house envy).

  5. That house is beautiful. They were so generous to let you take it over and make your book just gorgeous.

  6. You know, when knitters take over the world this is just the sort of place we should establish as our capital.

  7. But I want to know about the little tiny underground house in the first photo! Can we go in there, light a candle, and knit?
    I love cozy hidden places like that . . .

  8. Welll..as long as we can all imagine it and pretend we’re there…I guess that’ll hafta do…I don’t really have much choice, do I?

  9. You’re such a tease…

  10. i am sooooo jealous!

  11. Wow, may try to have to sneak up there, not sure how far it is, but will look…..

  12. I have always felt a kinship with this town because it is my maiden name. And Andes is NOT a common name!


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