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Wait For It

Dear Ann,
You have to wait for the knitting content, but you’ll get there, and the journey (via dead bee) is fun.

(I know I owe you people some Olive-in-disguise photos.)
Happy Monday!
P.S. Department of I Look Forward To Your Letters: Yes, it’s true: in the video, important differences between the fiber arts are obscured. The non-knitting, non-weaving people just do not CARE; we have to accept this.



  1. Love this! It fits in well with my own personal theory of “Knit a blanket (or portion thereof in the form of scarf or hat or gloves) for self or others in time of cold or distress.”
    And yes, I know that I am but one of many from both Team Fear and Team Sanity waiting for Halloween photos of Olive. Since I did make a costume this year, I have to live vicariously through others.

  2. Correction: “since I did NOT make a costume FOR MYSELF this year…” That’s sad, I know, but in my defense I did knit a witchy hat for a friend in the week leading up to Halloween.

  3. Kay, how do you find these unusual and interesting sites???
    Mary G. in Texas

  4. That was really cute and I love how short it is. I am unfortunately busy enough that even three minutes is becoming a struggle!

  5. Darling!! Thanks for sharing.

  6. I enjoyed it very much! Thanks for sharing, Kay.
    Friendly greetings from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  7. As both a knitter and a weaver, I was acutely aware of that obscuring of the differences in fiber arts; yet I found it charming. Thank you!

  8. Charming and oh so clever!

  9. If it is any consolation Aardman also produces Wallace & Gromit. Gromit is a knitter and knits in an accurate manner. Which is an achievement for a dog made of plasticene. If you ask me. Which you didn’t but I offer this anyway.
    KNIT ON!

  10. Oddly, too close to a recurring childhood nightmare (being chased by a blob) to enjoy. And then compounded by being filmed under a microscope. Too much for my stressed brain right now.

  11. Very cool video. The “making of” video is extremely interesting.

  12. Yes! We will no longer unravel! Triumph by knitting needles!
    I have to echo Mary G.’s comment – where do you find these things?

  13. I have been having these strange dreams, and now I know how to make them stop. I shall just take my knitting needles into my dreams and I shall knit my way out of them.

  14. That was really fun to watch. Love stop-action.

  15. “was you ever stung by a dead bee”
    I know just how this girl feels.

  16. HYPERVENTILATING! Not only is it fabulous (as one would expect from Aardman), it is filmed on a Nokia phone. Oh, Neil is going to LOVE this. But you knew that, didn’t you?
    Enough of the gratefulness, get on with the Dog Love photos you photo-costume-slacker you! x x x

  17. Clearly I’m not being creative enough with my phone. This is so wonderful.That Aardman!

  18. just out of curiousity, it has now been a month since either of you has posted anything about anything you were knitting. is this going back to an actual knitting blog anytime soon?

  19. I love this! I can’t even wrap my brain around how long it must have taken to make! It’s so cool that the fiber-ignorance doesn’t bother me. (fignorance?)

  20. That just rocks. Thanks for sharing!

  21. On a Nokia. Seriously.
    I am having a hard time with the leaves unraveling. I think this is why I didn’t become an English major after all.

  22. tis cute

  23. Really lovely little piece. Thanks for sharing. I especially enjoyed the pencil-shaving waves.

  24. Fab! My kids will love this, reminds me of “I spy” books.

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  26. I’m with Candice, I love watching Wallace and Grommit and the “making of” movies but know that there is NO WAY I could ever be that patient.

  27. Love this!
    And Martha, I also loved the reference to To Have and Have Not.

  28. That was so cute! I totally loved it. Thanks for posting and sharing it.

  29. That was so cute! I totally loved it. Thanks for posting and sharing it.

  30. Remember when we all rose up in unison against the Quilted Northern toilet paper commercial where the women were sitting around a quilt frame … knitting toilet paper? I mean, not that *quilting* toilet paper is so much better, but … seriously … if you’re going to name your product with a fiber art, shouldn’t it be accurate?
    Well, they thought so, didn’t they? After we set them straight?
    Hmph. Knitters and Quilters: Don’t get on our bad side!

  31. What a wonderful animation. Love, love, love it!


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