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We Like It Loud

Dear Kay,
Squares 1 and 2: Watching the Country Music Awards show, which is a lot fancier than it used to be. There’s a singer, Big Kenny, who is moving into the neighborhood soon. Maybe you’re a fan of his duo, Big & Rich? Well, Big and his partner Rich performed a song called “Loud” which involved a lot of shimmying girls and I think fireworks? Can’t wait for him and his entourage to attend the neighborhood pot luck supper next year! I have a theory that Big Kenny is not as wild as he makes out to be. He’s no Kid Rock, I’m just sayin. I mean, the guy is investing in landscaping. Would Kid Rock buy shrubs?
Square 3: Waiting for my turn in the mammogram holding pen. Humbling, ain’t it? You sit there with your plastic bag of clothes, in a gown, with all the other plastic-bag-carriers. While knitting. Don’t forget your mammograms, y’all.
Square 4: Downtown indoor skatepark, watching Clif improve his kick-shove-it and ollie skills. Gauge wobbly on this one due to clenched fingers.
These squares are so fast–they’re falling off me while I’m walking.
Mid-Tennessee knitters: knitting at the downtown public library on Monday, November 12, noon-2 pm! If you bring squares, I’ll mail ’em to Kay.
See below for details on what the deal is with these squares.



  1. Good for you on the mammogram. I also want to mention how important self exams are. I found a lump this April and I’m going through treatment for breast cancer now. I almost didn’t get the biopsy done right away, but I’m sure glad I did. I had had a mammogram in January that showed nothing. Even the mammogram done just before the biopsy showed nothing. There’s no substitute for self exams! BTW, my prognosis is excellent, the worst of the chemo is over and I’m ready to knit squares too!

  2. My squares are appearing in those fuzzy minutes just before bed at night and right after getting vertical in the morning. Don’t know why that’s become Oliver squares time, but I’m not complaining.

  3. We are HUGE Big and Rich fans at our house! You are so lucky. I’m surprised you’re not more familiar with their music. You should check them out. Their rowdy party music is fun, but their ballads are beautiful (i.e. Holy Water, Lost in the Moment, Eternity). We went to their concert at the Puyallup, WA fair (the BIG state fair in Washington)this year. After two and a half hours of Big and Rich, and Cowboy Troy (a big black rappin’ cowboy – his description, not mine) we were so tired! There is NO sitting down during one of their concerts. It was like doing a two hour aerobics class!
    I am so jealous that Big Kenny is moving into your neighborhood. Can I come visit, can I, can I?

  4. We are HUGE Big and Rich fans at our house! Their rowdy party music is so fun, but their Ballads are so beautiful (i.e. Holy Water, Lost in the Moment and Eternity). You really have to check out their stuff. They are the future of country music and that future us bright! We went to their concert at the Puyallup Fair this year – the big state fair here in Washington. There is no such thing as sitting during one of their concerts! It is so high energy, it’s like a two and a half hour aerobics class.
    But I noticed Big Kenny is a little on the skinny side (also tall). You could send him a nice casserole when he moves in. That boy needs some feedin’ up! Heck, if you let me visit you for a few days, I’ll feed your family AND him! Can I visit? Can I? Can I?

  5. How funny about the mammogram and what a coincidence. I finished square one and started square two yesterday while sitting in one of those back tied gowns waiting for my gynecologist (yearly check up). I’ve just started on my third square while reading your blog.
    I was hoping that you would be collecting squares on Monday. I’ll see you at the library.

  6. Love Big and Rich. Can’t picture him at a potluck.

  7. I feel like I knit really slow. I am only on my second square. (OK, the first one was bigger than I thought, and I ended up ripping and re-knitting a fair portion…)
    Big Kenny…isn’t he going to run for Mayor?

  8. Hey, you’d be surprised by Kid Rock’s house. Caught him on Larry King a few weeks ago. His house is actually NICE in a non-gaudy rock star way. He collects antiques, by golly. Working on the squares as we speak. Finally my little sock yarn orphans will have a home.

  9. I love how the lady chocolatiers of Vosges specify that the bacon bar should be consumed within three…months. Have you had their Aztec Elixir hot cocoa? It’s one of the very best things in the whole wide world.

  10. LOVE Big & Rich (and Cowboy Troy) here in CT, too. Like so many others, I fell for them based on the title of an (at the time) unheard song: Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy. Huge fan of the sophmoric humor, me. AND jealous of your soon-to-be-neighbor, too! My brother is possibly moving to Nashville so maybe I’ll come visit and time it for a library knit session!

  11. Well, Nancyjane beat me to it, but I have it on good authority that Bob’s house is actually quite nice. (You know him as Kid Rock).
    He lives near a friend of mine here in Michigan.
    The shrubbery is lovely at his place. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. I’m not that big on Big & Rich. I like my country a bit more old-school – Allison Krauss and Gillian Welch. Still, it’s kind of interesting having celebrities move into the neighborhood. I had my first Daryl Hall sighting last week, but I think there’s still work to be done on the house before he’ll be staying up here more regularly.

  13. One down for me, hoping to get quite a few by the end of the month!

  14. thanks for the mammo. reminder. unpleasant, but oh so important!

  15. Oh! Big and Rich! Go spend $.99 to download “The 8th of November” on iTunes, and just grab yourself a big old hunk of tissues before you listen to it.
    And, Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy? Pure Cowboy poetry, that one!
    Lucky you, indeedy.

  16. Oh pleasepleaseplease – teach him to knit. Get him to join Ravelry. Hold him down and invite me over!

  17. Funny, I knit while waiting around for mammograms too. After some lumps were found amongst the girlfriends, we decided it’s too grim to go alone anymore, so we have the “mammer-slammer” group appointment. Maybe you should knit up a big welcome mat for the new celebrity neighbor. Suggest that a group of knitters should be worked into Big and Rich’s next video.

  18. WOW big Kenny as a neighbor — what fun. My son loves them and their music – he will happily become your yard boy on the chance of meeting BK and JR. Oh and Big Kenny has a cute little boy Lincoln — knit him a sweater and you are in!

  19. WOW big Kenny as a neighbor — what fun. My son loves them and their music – he will happily become your yard boy on the chance of meeting BK and JR. Oh and Big Kenny has a cute little boy Lincoln — knit him a sweater and you are in!

  20. WOW big Kenny as a neighbor — what fun. My son loves them and their music – he will happily become your yard boy on the chance of meeting BK and JR. Oh and Big Kenny has a cute little boy Lincoln — knit him a sweater and you are in!

  21. Well, I’ve spent my hours in the “cow pen” as I like to call it (couldn’t really call it a bullpen, could you?) but I’ve never had to clutch a plastic bag full of my clothes! At least my mammography center has little closets in its changing booths!

  22. That picture makes those squares look suspiciously like they were made on a weavette…
    And I don’t know Big Kenny, but my Uncle Ken has started playing bluegrass “bass fiddle” and his wife has started calling him Uncle Kenny Bob.

  23. Kay…what pattern did you use for your squares? They are not just the knit,knit,knit ones….can you share Thanks a bunch.


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