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Where I Don’t Go to Knit

Dear Kay,
I was in my local yarn store this afternoon and realized how rarely I go there. It’s the quintessential yarn store: bins and bins of fluff, not enough room, and a table with folks knitting around it. I ran into an old friend of my sister Buffy whom I hadn’t seen in ten years, and she said, “Gee, I can’t believe I haven’t seen you here. I’m in here ALL the time.” I looked at her with the flat envy of a four year old eyeing his friend’s milkshake.
Of course, she is free as a lark: no job, no kids, no hubbo. She walks to the store from her condo. I can only imagine such a life.
I told her that two small children will suck the loaf-in-the-yarn-store out of anybody, and that I knitted only in the crevices of time that motherhood allows: the hookup line, the soccer practice, the piano lesson, the 11 p.m. slot after Hubbo has conked out. Oh yeah, and that very rare moment when I allow modern popular culture to infect my darlings. Knitting to “Bob the Builder” is a delirious experience but an easy hour of knitting, so I’ll take it.
My friend said I should come and knit with her. I told her it was hard because of my schedule, but maybe I would try. If nothing else, I could try to persuade her to go smaller on her needles–she was working on a giant coat from The Bigger Picture. And she might persuade me to go bigger. But you know, that eight-pound rug has turned into a wrestling match with an alligator, and I’m not winning.
All of which is to say, maybe when I’m even older and crabbier than I already am, I’ll go sit at the LYS. At the moment, I sit here and blab on with you guys, and I can do that at two in the morning in my PJs. Wait–there was one lady there today who was wearing suspiciously bedroom slipperish footwear.
A knitting note: my Beth buttonhole bands are pure defeating me. My Splash buttonhole bands are a big fluffy piece of cake. Pix to come once I can stand to look at them.
x0 Ann



  1. I can sit & read you at 1.54 a.m. !
    Who needs a yarn store when you have cyber friends,a ‘flexible friend'[cc] and access to the world’s best yarns ?
    I love the’crevices of time ‘.So,so true.
    What is it about men & their inability to do without sleep ?
    Been meaning to ask ”how’s the garden?”.
    Any sign of Trixie ?
    One more row [ round in my case] ,then I must stagger to bed.

  2. Ann,
    You’re sounding real familiar to me–send me an email if you’re the Ann who knows Julie Macpherson. (julie@mascavage.com)

  3. “But you know, that eight-pound rug has turned into a wrestling match with an alligator, and I’m not winning.”
    A line that made me LAUGH out loud; a vivid image of you attacking that rug like the Croc Hunter comes to mind!

  4. OK everybody, let’s take a moment to note the awesome power of the Internet village. The Julie above is my old best friend from high school, whom I haven’t seen in over ten years. Whoever knew that this marginal publication would be read by someone who read about it on a blog coming out of France by an American lawyer who likes to host knitting blogs?
    Only Julie knows the depths of my neverending adoration of Billy Joel. Only Julie sat in the front row of a Linda Ronstadt concert with me after having camped out in front of Discount Records to get tickets.
    Never mind the flukiness of her finding me. The thing that has me shaking my head is the fact that she is currently one sleeve shy of finishing Beth, the same cardigan from A Season’s Tale that I’ve been finishing myself.

  5. A good friend can tell you what is the matter with you in a minute. He may not seem such a good friend after telling.

  6. If you’re going through hell, keep going.Everybody is a star with the potentiality to shine in the infinite sky of eternity.


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