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Who’s That Girl?

January 2010
Dear Olive,
Happy New Year!
It is with my most sincere good wishes that I send you this humble gift. I do hope you like it and that it is of the right dimensions. (I have only your photos on which to judge your size.)

I hope you will not think it too forward of me when I say that I believe the warm pink tones will enhance the radiance of your eyes and the golden tones of your hair.
Wear it in good health, happiness and warmth!

Your humble servant,
Mr. Jefferies




  1. That is very sweet. Who knew Mr. Jeffries had the time?

  2. It’s a regular Jane Austen novel up there. Will true poochy love blossom?
    Why does Olive always look so SMART? She looks brainy or something.

  3. Ooooh, puppy love!

  4. What a romantic gesture. Such a thoughtful young man… err.. doggie. Sounds like he may be a keeper, Miss Olive.

  5. Are those other dogs admiring the girl, or just the coat? Sometimes dogs can be so fickle about stuff like that.

  6. All Olive needs is some stylin’ boots to go with that haute sweater.

  7. Those other dogs are wishing their outfits were half so stylish and fit so well!

  8. SOMEbody is in debt to Mr. J. for some handknit love…wow, you will keep us posted, I trust?

  9. Will you just look at those other dogs? Store bought, badly fit, poor colors. And those other dogs — totally NAKED in the city??? Shameful. I , for one, am happy Olive is such lucky girl. She is wearing such a lovely coat in the best color for her skin, er hair, tones. Lucky girl.

  10. I just love Olive and wish her luck with Mr. Jeffries. “it is a ttuth universally acknowledged…” Jefries looks like he has a fortune or at least its pretty to think so.
    I have a rescue Cocker who wears her hand knit sweater more than absolutely necessary. And I am knitting her another one. But she has a terrible tendency to whine and whines a lot less when she is dressed. Dog sweaters are a lot of fun to make. It’s a slightly longer project than a hat and it’s so much fun to see her wear her sweater. The last one was solid brown and the current one is brown with multicolored ljus courtesy of Patons Classic Wool from Michaels. And after that one I plan to user some leftover orange Cascade 220 to make her one with an orange flower, background color unknown at present.
    Olive is completely fabulous and I love to see pictures of her fully dressed. The belly sweater had its own charms.

  11. Gorgeous. I love that colour, and I think Mr. J is right, it suits her perfectly.

  12. Aw. Romance!!

  13. Really cute sweater and nice of (Norma) Mr. Jeffries.
    While we are on the subject of pet knitting…yesterday I happily started knitting a cat bed and so was musing about the pet knitting thing.
    Anyway…when is Olive going to get a Ball Band Dog sweater from you???

  14. What a beautiful sweater for adorable Olive! Did she and Mr. Jefferies have a chance to sniff each other while he was visiting NY? I don’t think I see him in any of the photos.

  15. Love the sweater – Does Olive love it too? I also love the fact that it appears that most dogs in NY are clothed.
    We are in the process of adopting a greyhound and have learned that they are easily chilled by temps below 55 or so and must wear sweaters when going out in lower temps. Here in California – not sunny Southern, but chilly Northern Sierra Foothills – we’re having some unseasonably mild temps – but still too chilly for a nude walk.
    I don’t think I’ll be knitting for a greyhound though, too big. I do sew, so she might be sporting a lovely fleece jacket. I can hardly wait to see my dear hubbo dressing a dog!!

  16. Olive just has to be the most stylish girl on the block. What a perfect fit and perfect colour. Good job Mr Jefferies!
    Our old girl has such a thick woolly coat and is not in need of my creations. Just think of the fun I could have if I had an Olive to knit or sew for!

  17. Olive just has to be the most stylish girl on the block. What a perfect fit and perfect colour. Good job Mr Jefferies!
    Our old girl has such a thick woolly coat and is not in need of my creations. Just think of the fun I could have if I had an Olive to knit or sew for!

  18. wow wow bow wow WOW!!!!!!! What a GREAT sweater!

  19. je ne sais quoi dernier cri

  20. The sweater really does set off her eyes.

  21. It’s so much fun to see the beginnings of a romance. Olive does look beautiful in her gift from Mr. Jeffries.

  22. Look at those pathetic dogs in their store-bought, off the rack, ill-fitting coats — or none at all! I didn’t think canines could look jealous, but those poor things do. There’s a niche market just waiting to be filled, at least in cold climates (not so much here in Tucson, where today’s high was 68).

  23. That Mr. J is so considerate. Any word on the yarn? My first guess would be Peace Fleece, since I know A. Alpha is quite fond of it.

  24. That is just about the cutest thing I have seen all day. Love Olive in her new cosy sweater!

  25. That is just about the cutest thing I have seen all day. Love Olive in her new cosy sweater!

  26. I think Olive wins the “Best Dressed Dog of NYC”. Have you had any other dog owners ask you about her wardrobe? I’m sure there’s a knitted dogwear market just waiting to be tapped.

  27. I believe that Mr Jeffries may be in New York. Has there been a rendezvous? Lovely coat…

  28. Brilliant!!
    What a story line! What a sweater!
    And Olive looks so pensive in her new duds. Perhaps she is thinking of “her” Jeff…
    (Your post has given me “paws” from a hectic day, which is part of one of the most hectic weeks that I have had in a long time–thanks!)

  29. Ah, who knew it would be so cute on her. I saw that one being knit and wondered why all the secrecy!

  30. Pink is definitely Olive’s color! And did Mr. J deliver it in person… er….. in ….. dog?

  31. Yes…goes well with her Olive complexion.

  32. Oops – forgot to link this, which Ann has undoubtedly seen amidst the sleep feedback on Huffy:

  33. Olive, you look beautiful! That Mr J is one smart, thoughtful Dude!

  34. I hope the long-distance thing works out for these star-crossed sweeties. And those celtic knot buttons are to die for!

  35. That first photo cracked me up!
    Subsequent photos made me feel a bit pensive and awestruck at the Ongoing Wonder that is Olive.
    My dog is the Rugged Pioneer type. Fortunately for me, as she is a bit larger than wee Olive, and knitting a coat could take all my knitting time for a year or so.

  36. OMG what a cute coat! Now I feel shamed into making something not nearly so marvelous for my “grand dog”. My daughter gave me a book of pet knit patterns for XMas hint hint.

  37. I knew that Jeffries character was up to something!

  38. This is the most adorable dog sweater I have ever seen, on one of the cutest dogs ever! Beautiful job on the knitting….

  39. I see that Olive has donned her latest knitted sweater with her usual sartorial aplomb. She really does have that “je ne sais quoi” that eludes most PEOPLE! Anyone who designs for her must feel really rewarded.

  40. Oh oh OH! I’m so glad it fits Olive so well and will keep her toasty during the upcoming deep freeze to hit the East Coast.
    With much love,
    Mr. Jefferies’ Personal Knitter

  41. Olive looks like a supermodel of doggie-tude. It’s a beautiful sweater for her!

  42. Olive has a SUITOR. OMG.

  43. Olive is adorable and i want to take her home with me.

  44. You’ve almost got me guilted into knitting a cute coat for the ever cute Annie… Love Olive’s coat – she is a loved poooch!

  45. OMG – That is the cutest ever!!!!

  46. Olive, you know how to ROCK that sweater, honey!

  47. Goodness, what a stylin’ coat! Those buttons, that sweet ribbing, those cables. Yummy, Olive. You go!

  48. When is Mr. Jeffries going to knit something for Kimba and Ike?! I do have to admit my foster girl does look stylin in that sweater coat.

  49. That pink sweater is fabulous on Olive. Mr. Jeffries is so sweet and thoughtful!

  50. Olive is still very young. It is an exceptionally lovely sweater, gifted by a handsome dog. Do not let her head be turned by the fine buttons. This Mr. Jefferies is moving a bit fast for my taste.

  51. How cozy AND gorgeous, Mr. Jeffries. Olive, you rock the sweater coat.

  52. ‘This Mr. Jefferies is moving a bit fast for my taste’ has just made me snort with laughter! Fabulous Laura J! My thoughts entirely. Olive, beware, his intentions may not be honourable! A fine gift, but do not let your head be turned as Laura says. Buttons are one thing, romance is another entirely at your age… x x x

  53. I love you Olive. You look stunning in your handknits. And I am sure that you are the talk of Central Park and that fiction Central Perk and Knitty City and everywhere else you wander in NYC. The dogs of Md Tn are envious of your good looks and great handknit wardrobe.

  54. It reminds me of my Central Park Hoodie (no pun intended)~cables, similar color. The first pic is such a hoot! They are really checking her out.

  55. Olive won me over! She’s such a sweetie–I’m glad I ran into you both today. The blog entry: http://snitnknit.blogspot.com/

  56. I’m late to this party, but I just had to say how overwhelmed I am by the adorableness of it all.

  57. It is official. I now have more pictures of your dog than my own two dogs. Let this be our secret.

  58. It is official. I now have more pictures of your dog on my computer than my own two dogs. Let this be our secret.

  59. Olive looks fabulous! Wish I was as well dressed as she is. I feel like all those other dogs next to her, a bit shabby.


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