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Why I Love Blogging, Chapter 1,312

Dear Ann,
We’ve “amen”-ed each other many times on this principle, but it bears repeating: the best thing about blogging is the comments. You never know exactly what you are going to get, but after 9 years, you know you are going to get some good ones. With thanks to Naomi for making my day, I reprint the following two comments in their entirety.
Hmm – Jack White…
I’m not sure I really believe this of myself, but I just bought a ticket for Jack White’s 8:00pm performance at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre here in Vancouver, BC Canada this evening.
And further, I am not really too sure how this came about except for a serendipitous series of events and just pure determination. It has taken me a bit to kind of figure out what those events were and to put the pieces together – I’m a little slow. But once I had, I was determined to see his concert.
I saw Jack White’s pic on your blog and read the story of him being on your plane and thought, that’s cool – hmm interesting, never heard of him, wonder who he is, kind of thing. That was a couple of days ago. Then yesterday on my way home from my amazing Saturday job at Maiwa.com where I sell fibre arts supplies including lots of yarny goodness, I noticed our local entertainment paper, the Georgia Straight in a paper box as I alighted from the bus. It had a full page photo of guess who? Why Jack White of course. Wow, who is this guy? Didn’t I just see his pic a few days ago? Right, I did, on Mason Dixon Knitting. My arms were full of bags and packages and a huge bouquet of peonies. I momentarily thought to grab the Straight, but did not have enough hands. I simply went home.
Today, Sunday the 27th of May, I sat and knit for a bit on Janel Laidman’s Rivendell socks and then took a snack break. My snack break included rereading Mason Dixon’s Knitting blog and again was reminded of Jack White. Curious, I went to Google and You Tube to see who this guy really was. As I was watching one clip, I noticed just below the video, a line that read something like, “Jack White, Queen Elizabeth Theatre, Vancouver, May 27th”. What? – oh that was what the Georgia Straight cover was all about. And then the next clip showed a bit of video that I had already seen before. But where? Oh, yes, I started to watch “It Might Get Loud” on Netflix. Good Lord, Jack White had been everywhere and in my face for the past week.
So I did the only normal thing that I could do, I logged onto Ticketmaster to see if I could get a ticket for this evening’s performance. Sold out! NO, not possible. I need to go to this concert and the theatre is only 5 blocks from where I live. Determined, I was sure there was a single ticket just for me. I just wasn’t feeling sure, I KNEW there was one and that I just had to be patient. So I let it be for a bit and then, guess what? After numerous logins and attempts to search for a seat, a 7th row centre orchestra ticket came up available and it is mine, all MINE.
I AM going to see Jack White perform this evening. I will probably be the only grandmotherly type there. Oh, what the Hell, I am only going to live once in this body, I might as well live.
I’ll let you know how it goes later… Loud, I expect!

24 hours later……
Well, all I can really say is Jack White rocks!!! And he did rock with his Peacock all girl band dressed in baby blue sparkly dresses with black accents. Jack was in a baby blue suit with black shirt and blue tie. Oh and, the roadies all wore, the guys that is, black shirt, pants and hats with blue suspenders and ties and the girl roadies wore blue dresses. A colour coordinated affair. Alas, no knits.
Here is the link to the write-up for tonights show. http://www.vancouversun.com/entertainment/Review+Jack+White+digs+deep+Vancouver/6688102/story.html
I am still trying to regain my hearing. It was LOUD, but great. So glad I went.
Thanks to Mason Dixon Knitting for being the catalyst that sent me off to this rock concert. I really think I was the only 60’s + grannie that was there, but I rocked with the rest of them!!

Dear Jack White, you owe us one “grandmotherly” seat in the 7th row!
In other news, I finished a quilt top for my goddaughter Rose (who is the Rose of Sharon and the lily of the valley, hence my verse selection) over the long weekend. It was not a long enough weekend to quite finish the back so that I can send this off to my machine quilter extraordinaire, but I’m nearly there. Also, more dishrags. Summertime, and the knittin’ is cottony and absorbent.




  1. Beauteous! Jealous you have begun your Summer knitting!

  2. Perfection! All of it! It does not get any better than THAT!

  3. PS for anybody wanting a great morning fix, here’s the foxy “Love Interruption” video with Mystery Singer Ruby Amanfu. I totally love her sound. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iErNRBTPbEc

  4. Naomi rocks!

  5. Saw this gorgeous quilt top on twitter yesterday, was hoping that you would post on M/D blog for all to see. Sweet Rose is one lucky god daughter.

  6. Go, rock grannies, go! I’m so glad for Naomi that she grabbed that treat with both hands (only wish I could’ve gone along too)…
    TheBoyWonder is off to Croatia this summer with his best friend’s family, and guess who’s playing here the evening of the day they depart? “But, Mum, it’s Jack White… Can’t you ask Lasse’s mum if we could leave one day later instead…”

  7. Love this! My four twenty-something kids will all be at Lollapalooza in Chicago this summer….and Jack White is playing! Funny, but I’m jealous! Doesn’t matter that I’m in my 50’s, I appreciate all kinds of music!

  8. “Alas, no knits” . Love this B report from Naomi and the fact that Jack White has only 1 degree separation from thousands of handknit cotton warshrags. Ain’t life (and the internet) grand?

  9. I love Naomi’s story. I’m charmed that she went and went alone even. She is who I’m inspired to be as I continue to “mature”. Rock on, Naomi. I’m starting to get a Jack White crush too…

  10. Great story, thanks for sharing with those of us who are blogless and live vicariously through you two.

  11. I was just proud of myself for watching his SNL performance on the computer and then going to itunes to buy his latest album. Go Naomi! I’ll be on the look out for an Albuquerque/Santa Fe show.

  12. I gasped when I opened your blog post this afternoon. You see, I’m an older lady who has spent all morning watching youtube videos of Jack White and trying to figure out how I’m going to get to see him on this tour. Red Rocks is the closest he comes, and not til August. I’ll be ready.

  13. Naomi, earplugs is the way to go. Trust me. I’ve been to some LOUD bands. Sorry, what did you say?
    Kay – do I recognise that quilt top? From Easter 2011?
    As for Jack White, he just creeps me out a tiny bit and I don’t know why because he’s everything I look for in a rock star. Odd. But then he’s just not as good looking as Brett Anderson.

  14. Beautiful! I particularly love the optical illusion in the photo that the green crosses near the top are actually cross-shaped holes looking at that green, green grass, too.

  15. A great story!

  16. Yaaay for Rockin’ Grannies! I saw the last concert that GunsN’Roses did and it was truly amazing.

  17. Oh that is a great story. Thanks for sharing. I love Jack White!

  18. I just loved this post. It truly is amazing that Naomi acted on the events that kept happening and that lead her to a Jack White concert, awesome and inspiring story.

  19. I just loved this post. It truly is amazing that Naomi acted on the events that kept happening and that lead her to a Jack White concert, awesome and inspiring story.

  20. Oh, come on, Ann, tell us the Fair Isle horror story. We’re brave and tough knitters!

  21. WOW!!
    Ask me how surprised I was when I logged onto your blog today to find my Jack White comments front and centre!!
    And further surprised and warmed to see so many comments of encouragement for living life to the fullest. One of your readers even commented on my blog page.
    The way I figure it, life is just to short to not live and experience what you can. Too often we are presented with open doors and we hold ourselves back and before we can say “jack rabbit” or in this case “Jack White”, the door has closed. I didn’t’ wait for the door to close!
    If you click on my name at the bottom of this comment, you will be taken to my blog page and you can see a pic of the peonies I was carrying in my arms when they were too full to pluck the Georgia Straight newspaper with Jack White’s photo on the cover from the newsbox. They are beautiful and in full bloom now.
    Blessings to all.

  22. Mmmm, wonderful! I LIVE to hear stories like Naomi’s. In fact, I’ll probably be retelling it all day. It’s got everything: Jack White, peonies, the increasingly loud Call to do something. (And, well, a mention of knits, anyway.)
    And Naomi, yes: Earplugs! Super important at rock shows, especially if you’re up front. That’s what my mother always said, and at 51, I really regret not listening ๐Ÿ˜‰

  23. Love this so much. I was afraid to admit to knowing nothing about Jack White prior to Kay’s post (I know, Ann, you’ve mentioned him too, but it was kind of Nashville-based, and I don’t chase down every Nashville music person mentioned, so maybe I had to hear it from Kay. No offense!)
    And I too spent a few days this week listening to Jack White on YouTube, etc. Very much up my alley, little did I know. So I was remiss in not thanking Kay & Ann for clueing me in to the latest guitar thang.
    The quilt is fantastic, Kay.

  24. best Jack White story ever. and i love your quilt top. so sweet.

  25. I want to be Naomi when I grow up. (Even though I’m probably scant years behind her.) LOVE this!

  26. I want to be Naomi when I grow up. (Even though I’m probably scant years behind her.) LOVE this!

  27. Luuuvve the quilt top! Not really sure who is Jack White, but enjoyed the story.
    Thanks for sharing.

  28. I am a 40 something knitter with the song inspiring name of Jolene. The White Stripe’s version is one of my favorite renditions. Next to my husband’s version, of course, which always makes me laugh because of the whole “don’t take my man” theme. The rest of the song is completely accurate except that I have muddy locks of brunette hair instead of the flaming ones.
    Go Jack White. Go Rockin’ Grannies.

  29. You guys make me happy. Thanks.


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