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World Premiere: Merle Hazard Takes on Those Thievin’ Bankers

Dear Kay,
Oh, it’s ON. Econo-crooner Merle Hazard is back, and he’s headed for a showdown in “The Ballad of Diamond Jim.” Hope you enjoy The Man in Beige in his most dramatic song yet.

The PBS NewsHour has a lot of juicy Merle-related stuff over here, including a video interview with the MIT economist Simon Johnson, who watches Merle’s video and does a damn fine job of explaining exactly what the problem is with our banks.
Merle’s settled in at Occupy Dodge City . . .
Share this with everybody you know who’s cranky about the way things are.
PS Dianne asks if Merle has a Facebook page, and the answer is heckyeah he does, right here. Go ahead and like him–and he’s Tweeting @MerleHazard.




  1. When will I learn not to watch Merle at work? I nearly got caught in the middle of a swoon . . .

  2. Love. It.

  3. Alec Baldwin is going to love this. When I share it with him on Tweety.
    SO DANG DANG DANG FUNNY. But Merle is scaring me.
    How does Merle decide what to wear on Halloween, is what I want to know. So many choices……
    xoxoxo Kay

  4. Lordy but I do love Merle!

  5. I gotta love a day when knitting bloggers meet economics bloggers in my blog reader. I think this is my favorite Merle Hazard song so far! And the fact that Simon Johnson is mentioned in it has raised my appreciation for Merle to new heights!

  6. Merle is more relevant by the day! He can occupy MN with us any day.

  7. Any day Merle posts is a great day! (regardless of what my retirement portfolio looks like.)

  8. With Occupy Boston down the street from where I work and seeing the big hit my retirement portfolio showed this past quarter, I was ready to listen to this one today. The entire thing is scary!

  9. I just love this – and the link to Simon’s annotations is terrific!
    Oy, I’m a Merle groupie!

  10. This video is too big to fail. I think I even understood most of it, thanks to Simon’s explanations! Merle is starting to look really professional. This could turn into a full time gig for him, but given the current state of the economy, tell him not to give up his day job just yet. (Does Merle have a facebook page? He needs one so we can all “like” him!)

  11. What I like is that Merle and his group’s musicianship and general air of knowing what the heckfire he’s doing increases with each video-this was my favorite of them all, I do believe.

  12. Very good. I don’t tweet, but would if I did.
    But, hey, where are the rhinebeck photos????

  13. Another mighty fine effort by Merle H. to inform us of . . . stuff.

  14. Big Daddy rhinestone-studded cigarette holder? $4
    Wool felt top hat? $90
    Merle Hazard? Priceless!

  15. Merle has outdone himself. Not only did her work the phrase “Glass-Steigel Act” into a song, it actually scans.

  16. The prodction values have gone way up!!
    Love it love it love it love it!

  17. Merle is the best!

  18. I agree Merle is a rare talent. I love him.


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