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Yippee O Chai Ay

Dear Ann,
You know how I love those boy groups. Laffing my latkes off at this:

Happy Hannukah, little dogies!




  1. oooh yeah lead me to the lights

  2. What fun! Celebrate the light!

  3. May your lattke’s be light and never greasy!

  4. Oh no! I mean lattkes. Where did that apostrophe come from?

  5. NICE! Loving it. This may be our official holidays song this year.

  6. That is the funniest—
    Happy Hanukah and enjoy your Latkes-

  7. Happy Hanukah! That’s hilarious! I love it when people have a bit of a sense of humor about religion, makes it so much more human.

  8. EXCELLENT! Thanks for the chuckles. Now forwarding to the rest of my family. Happy Hannukah!

  9. How funny. I remember playing with those when I was younger. That is tooooo cute!!!!

  10. Thank you, happy hannukah to you too.

  11. Happy Hanukah

  12. Wishes for eight glowing nights for you too! Thanks for the smiles!

  13. Loved it !!!! Yippie-chi-yo-chi-yea !!!!!!

  14. love (1)

  15. Too funny! I sent it to the whole family in honor of tonight!

  16. This was just great! Posted to my facebook page so all my friends can see! Happy Chanukah…hope your latkes were great!

  17. thanks for the link – almost as good as the ice skating cowboys!
    Happy Hanakkah!

  18. Kosher Kowboys! Hilarious! Thanks for the laugh!

  19. GREAT!

  20. Thanks for the laughs!
    Chag sameach Chanukah!

  21. That’s hilarios.

  22. It’s been a while since I laughed this hard. Thanks so much!

  23. This Texan Episcopalian cattle rancher laughed her candy canes off over this one. Pure brilliance! And Happy Hannukah, to all y’all.

  24. Those are my boys! Yay for captain smartypants-they always make laugh:)

  25. Love the Kosher Cowboy Way!!! As a good Lutheran I made Latkes for the first time and they were delicious!!! Happy Hanukkah!

  26. on a similar theme — http://www.nbn.org.il/flashmob/

  27. Dang, that boy can SING!

  28. Dang, that boy can SING!


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