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How to Get Rid of Ladybugs, Etc.


Dear Kay, The ladybug invasion has arrived, and it is SO GROSS. One ladybug: make a wish! Two ladybugs: aw! A couple! Eighty ladybugs: the Walking Dead. Slow-moving zombie bugs, easy targets, SO GROSS. I know that ladybugs eat aphids, and that’s great, but there are no aphids inside my house. You climb in my windows? At your peril, ladybugs, at your peril. They particularly love son Clif’s bedroom. So warm and sunny, with an open...

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Women Do Things

    Dear Ann, In celebration of Fashion Revolution, make yourself something cute, of course–that is a priority. But also please run over to Gael Towey’s brand-new website, and watch her short film telling the story of Natalie Chanin and the Alabama Chanin clothing line. Three members of our sewing circle are involved, along with assorted sons-in-law-to-be and husbands (the call of the sewing circle is irresistible). Leaving...

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Two Words: Rag Balls


Dear Ann, In this season of gratefulness, I’ve been thinking about how I’ve wished for a knitting group, and how funny it is that when it finally arrived (like a pony from the sky), it was a sewing circle. A bunch of women I didn’t know a few years ago.  We are the unofficial New York City branch of the Alabama Chanin Sewing Society and Fan Club. Sometimes I knit at sewing circle. If the mutual support (aka gossip) is flying,...

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Jump Back In

Jump Back In - 1

Dear Ann, We hate posts that start with a litany of reasons why the blogger ain’t been bloggin’. So I won’t do that. Life has been chock full o’ distractions. But many of the distractions have been of a crafty nature. Help me, Ann–I’ve come over all multi-craftual! For months now, I’ve been deep into all things Alabama Chanin. This is a long-percolating love. I had pored over each of Natalie...

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Back on the Mountain; And, A Provocative Lecture

Back on the Mountain; And, A Provocative Lecture - 1

Dear Kay, Yoohoo! I’m over here! So sorry to be out of touch, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been a) knitting, b) thinking about making things, or c) disconnected from the Internet, because Gawd knows that I cannot live without the electronic IV of twitchyjuice, even if I’m up on the Cumberland Plateau. Many things to discuss, so many. But the thing most on my mind this morning is the field trip I took last night with...

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