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Thorny Thoughts: A Finished Object

Thorny Thoughts: A Finished Object - 1

Dear Kay, Fresh off the blocking wires is the Thorn shawl, first finished object of the new year. I have been wearing it constantly, collecting compliments from Green Bay Packers fans at coffee bars (not really but at least I’m ready for next season), and thinking about my experience with this project. This project is an excellent lesson for me. A perfect yarn and a perfect pattern do not always combine to create a perfect finished...

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Edginess - 1

Dear Kay, That’s Thorn up there, at the thrilling moment when the sail-shaped body of this shawl was complete, and the 5,498,309 stitches at the edge had to be put onto holder yarn in anticipation of the attached garter-stitch border that awaited. The 10,309,495 stitches to pick up! The shift to the four-foot-long size 4 circular–unsurprisingly, there was one of those in my pile of circular needles. I don’t have a problem with...

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The Second Skein, or, High Drama

The Second Skein, or, High Drama - 1

Dear Kay, Things are very, very scary around here. Late last night I wound the second skein of yarn for my Thorn shawl, and I have to tell you, it was a moment of shocking revelation: See that? The small ball is the end of Skein 1. The big ball is Skein 2. I don’t know if my 15-minute photography skills have captured the full subtlety of this yarn, but something is UP with this second skein. I discovered, upon unwinding the skein, that...

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New for 2013: Lightning Round Blogging

New for 2013: Lightning Round Blogging - 1

Dear Kay, One of my many, many New Year’s resolutions is to blog more often. I’ve decided that it’s very easy to let the perfect be the enemy of the good, so I’m going to try something we are going to call LIGHTNING ROUND BLOGGING. STRICT 15-MINUTE TIME LIMIT. When the buzzer goes off, I’m done. Quantity has a quality all its own, right? Here we go: All the yarn I adopted at the Arkansas Fiber Arts Extravaganza is...

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