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Friday Snippets, or Actually, Snippet


Dear Ann, I made it all the way through Winter in rude health, and now, four days into Spring,  I’ve got the crud. The plague is upon me! I’m weak and wan! Perhaps you will understand the seriousness of the situation when I tell you that I ate only ONE BITE OF MY BIRTHDAY ENCHILADAS last night. One bite, Ann. A solitary morsel of one of my top ten foods from my favorite place. Who knows if I will even make it to lunchtime today, to...

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Endurance. Fidelity. Intelligence. Garter Stitch.

Endurance. Fidelity. Intelligence. Garter Stitch. - 1

Dear Ann, Balto is one of the most beloved statues in Central Park. Balto was the lead dog of the last of several teams of mushers and sled dogs who relayed diptheria antitoxin to save children in Nome, Alaska, in the winter of 1925. They made the journey with desperate speed and in appalling weather. The story of Balto is here. (I like the part about how “the serum was packed in a cylinder, wrapped in an insulating quilt, and then...

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