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Mitered, Crossed, Done

Mitered, Crossed, Done - 1

Dear Kay, I’ve been itching to show you how my Mitered Crosses Blanket turned out. When last seen, my 16 squares lay forgotten in a bathtub. I was leaving for the summer, thought I should give my squares their bath before I sewed them up, then promptly forgot all about them until I was about to head out the door. Nothing like taking a road trip with a bunch of damp wool. Like having a herd of sheep in the back seat. I joined the squares...

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Best Ways to Join Blanket Squares Together

Best Ways to Join Blanket Squares Together - 1

Dear Kay, It’s so much fun to see all the Mitered Crosses blanket squares cropping up on Ravelry. It won’t be long before people start joining the squares together to make blankets, and O what a glorious day that shall be! I wanted to share a few ideas for joining the squares into a blanket. People ask me all the time about what techniques work best. I’ve got several methods, so I’ll show you each one. None of these is...

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Beginning the Finishing

Beginning the Finishing - 1

Dear Kay, Well, I’ve been visiting Gibraltar this morning, as I continue the little process known as finishing a blanket. I’ve had Patrick O’Brian’s The Ionian Mission piping out of my computer as I sew in ends, and Russell-Crowe-I-mean-Jack-Aubrey has been busy chasing a French ship of the line down the coast of France. I’ll just say it: this series of 20 historical novels is without doubt the best possible choice...

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Clip ‘N Save for Miterheads

Clip 'N Save for Miterheads - 1

Dear Ann, Eventually the sun came out long enough for me to take a bunch of pictures of my latest chef d’oeuvre in the genre of square knitting. My inbox has been full of how-to questions, and I’m hoping to answer them all in this post. For those who have no interest in the intricacies of the art of assembling a mitered square blanket (and what is wrong with you, anyway?), this post guarantees a solid snooze. Rest your eyes, or...

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The Doctor is In

The Doctor is In - 1

Dear Ann, A 9 a.m. thunderstorm–very dramatic. Can you believe how many knitters there are in my new hood? We definitely have to get a Way Upper West Side SnB together this September! Today I’d like to be moderately helpful for a change. Here are some questions and diagnoses: Dr. Ninepatch Dr. Ninepatch may be stripped of her epaulets if she’s not more careful with her prescription pad. Elizabeth made a sa-WEET Ninepatch...

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