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Travelogue: I Can’t Believe This Place Exists, but It Does

Travelogue: I Can't Believe This Place Exists, but It Does - 1

Dear Kay, I’m up top the mountain in Monteagle, Tennessee, where the hooting dog still hoots, the rooster down the road continues to launch his fake-sounding “cockadoodledoo” at 4:53 am, and swifts have taken up residence in our chimney, chattering like bats all day long. It’s so LOUD up here. I had a note from Lily, an 18-year-old knitter who is Sewanee bound this fall. She wisely has begun sussing out the yarn situation...

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Back on the Mountain; And, A Provocative Lecture

Back on the Mountain; And, A Provocative Lecture - 1

Dear Kay, Yoohoo! I’m over here! So sorry to be out of touch, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been a) knitting, b) thinking about making things, or c) disconnected from the Internet, because Gawd knows that I cannot live without the electronic IV of twitchyjuice, even if I’m up on the Cumberland Plateau. Many things to discuss, so many. But the thing most on my mind this morning is the field trip I took last night with...

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Bluebird Sunday

Dear Kay, I just unearthed a video I thought I had lost forever. So of course I put up on YouTube so I wouldn’t misplace it again. Check it out: here are the five baby bluebirds who nested outside my window last summer. An hour after this scene of abject squalor, sibling rivalry, and poo, they each climbed up on the doorway, stuck their heads waaaaay out, and launched themselves into the world. Buh-bye, suckas! Love, Ann PS Imagine the...

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