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Portland Abundance Ahead

Dear Kay, As much as I am enduring enjoying spring break, I am just a teeny bit excited that we’re heading out next week to Portland, Oregon. (Yes, I have been singing that Loretta Lynn/Jack White song. Endlessly. Must locate a sloe gin fizz before it’s all over.) Her Abundantness, Pat, of Abundant Yarn, writes: “Hey y’all, we are getting tons of phone calls about your upcoming visit to Abundant Yarn. The parking lot has...

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Hark! Is That the Sound of Kay Knitting?

Hark! Is That the Sound of Kay Knitting? - 1

Dear Kay, Our chat with John Seigenthaler, one of Nashville’s most renowned non-knitters, is on the Web as a free audio-only MP3 or iTunes download here. I’m sorry that there isn’t a YouTube of our interview, because then everybody could see you knitting through the entire show. Did you see how he was eyeing your knitting? That covetous glance? He’s probably at home right now, working on a...

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Scenes From a Knitting Party

Scenes From a Knitting Party - 1

Dear Ann, Today is one of those busy Mondays but I had to throw on the blog some pictures of Saturday’s doings in beautiful downtown Andes, New York. Andes is a bit off the beaten track. Remember that TV show Northern Exposure? The one where the moose strolled down the middle of the street during the opening credits? That could totally happen in Andes. Andes is unspoiled, yet it has good coffee. Hard to find that combination. And...

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Upstate Knitting Party

Upstate Knitting Party - 1

Dear y’all, I’m issuing the red alert today because Kay has wandered off to Philadelphia on another one of her freaky day trips to hang out with Cristina. Only slightly envious. Totally. Girl cannot even post a simple blog entry anymore. Failure to blog is a possible symptom of letting herself go, if you know what I mean. O knitters of the Catskills, arise! Kay is coming up on Saturday, January 20, one o’clock, for a knitting...

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The Sublime and the Ridiculous–NOT IN THAT ORDER

The Sublime and the Ridiculous--NOT IN THAT ORDER - 1

Dear Kay, I know you keep a little Elvis in your heart every day of the year, but on Monday, we were keeping a LOT of Elvis in our heart for his birthday. The knitting at the library was full of the beautiful expressions of humanity that bring tears of joy to my jaded eyes. Francie and Meg went straight for the hair-based tribute. The Hair of Elvis (free pattern here–you can thank me later) reminds me a little of Daniel Boone, somehow,...

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