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The Most Haunting Books: A List

The Most Haunting Books: A List - 1

Dear Kay, Well THAT was fascinating. I have long known that the comments on this blog are more interesting than the entries. This is particularly obvious when you look through the response to the question posed in our previous entry: “What’s the most haunting book you’ve read?” Thank you ALL for taking time to share your thoughts. I’ve collected all the haunting books into an easy-to-use clip ‘n’ save...

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The Business

The Business - 1

Dear Ann, Fall is Knitting Book Season. New knitting books are coming out fast and furious. People may not be familiar with the Mason-Dixon Knitting Editorial Policy on Book Reviews. These unfamiliar people may include you and me. But what I’ve gathered, from our 8 years plus of blogging, is that we generally talk mainly about things we like. Which doesn’t mean that we are easy to please. In fact, I think we’re kind of...

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Viva Los Libros!

Viva Los Libros! - 1

Dear Ann, I had a great Hurricane Irene. Not as great as the clever Mrs. Levin, who used her time in front of el television to come up with @ElBloombito on Twitter, but a pretty fine time. (Listen here to how the Mayor really sounds speaking Spanish. Que loco, no? One suspects that he does it because it’s so darn cute. One almost forgives that whole “let’s forget about term limits, ’cause hey guys, it’s...

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Garden Fever Has Hit, and a Little Contest

Garden Fever Has Hit, and a Little Contest - 1

Dear Kay, Surely this must go down as one of Nashville’s most glorious spring days ever. Such a day! Never has there been such temperate perfection. The dogwoods are insane. The bees are lying around drunk. It’s got me thinking about a book I finished weeks ago, Margaret Roach’s memoir, And I Will Have Some Peace There. This weather has me thinking about gardening, now that I’m watching the peonies fatten up, and...

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