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Bowling Avenue Outselling Fifty Shades of Grey. (In Nashville.) (On the West Side.)

Bowling Avenue Outselling Fifty Shades of Grey. (In Nashville.) (On the West Side.) - 1

Dear Kay, Just wanted to give a quick update on my novel. This has been such a great summer, getting to be in touch with everybody who’s been stopping in on Bowling Avenue. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read it, tell a friend about it, review it online. You know what the Department of Homeland Security says: “If you read something, say something.” By the Numbers Days since June 6 publication date: 80. Days...

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Two Tributes, Knitted, In Progress

Two Tributes, Knitted, In Progress - 1

Dear Ann, Helloooooo down there in dry, dry Tennessee. I hope it rains soon, and that iced-tea supplies are robust. I am trying to come to grips with the fact that I, an avowed sock-knitting abstainer, am knitting a pair of socks. For Stephen Colbert. No, I’m not giving up on my quest to charm Stephen Colbert with handknit socks. I see no reason to give up. Stephen Colbert has gone on vacation for 2 weeks (this week and next week). I...

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And Off It Slides into the Harbor!

And Off It Slides into the Harbor! - 1

Dear Kay, Wish you’d been here on Monday night for the cracking of champagne on the bow of HMS Bowling Avenue. Here are some pix from the evening. It was tremendous fun, and I was honored that folks would come out on the night that The Bachelorette is on. A great surprise (other than being introduced by Ann Patchett, which was lovely) was that Tracy, our correspondent in the Middle East, managed to get parrot tulips to the store, all the...

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Beauty Pageant Mom Issues Party Invitation

Beauty Pageant Mom Issues Party Invitation - 1

Dear Kay, At this point, I am a total pageant mom with regard to my book. Yes you are, precious book. You may only be six days old, but you are just a precious precious girl–SHOULDERS BACK! Remember the Walk! It is a daunting experience, in the extreme, to see my characters wander across the pageant stage. You go, Angus Donald! Don’t be too weird–wait, be even weirder! I didn’t make you weird enough! Thank you all for...

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Bowling Avenue Is HERE!

Bowling Avenue Is HERE! - 1

Dear Kay, Just in time for summer reading . . . There’s a new website for the book, annshayne.com. You can read the first chapter there, order a copy, see a really scary photograph. Ordering information here, too. Needless to say, at this moment I am feeling very excited to share all this with you. All Likes, Shares, Tweets, Status Updates, Pinterests, GoodReads, Amazon reviews, airplane banners much appreciated. I really, really hope...

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