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Button, Button

Button, Button - 1

Dear Ann, What fun to see how other mad knitters are interpreting the humble Buttonhole Bag. Lookie here: These two are by Leslie in Kansas, a self-described “felting nut”. (Glad to know ya, sister!) Leslie’s bags are in double-stranded Lamb’s Pride Worsted, and it looks like they came out just as nicely as with the Lamb’s Pride Bulky. Love Leslie’s color choices. Turquoise and brown: Kate Spade, eat...

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Insta Bags

Insta Bags - 1

Dear Ann, Tell me this: does three bags qualify for a Gallery of Buttonhole Bags? How about a Cavalcade of Buttonhole Bags? A Buttonhole Bag Walk of Fame? These two retro-fabby versions of the Buttonhole Bag Unpattern (see January 18 entry) were whipped up in record time by Robin of Nashville. Robin is a teacher and turbo knitter. I have heard tell (I believe you were doing the telling, Ann) that each Christmas, Robin gives a handknit cap...

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Your Regularly Scheduled Felting Program

Your Regularly Scheduled Felting Program - 1

Dear Ann, Buttonhole Bag Before: (Teacup is for scale.) Blurry Buttonhole Bag After: I saw a bag similar to this, but more Funky and Downtowny, at Downtown Yarns last week. Jen, one of Rita’s amazing employees, designs a lot of felted bags and teaches a class on felting (which of course I’ve never taken, being scrupulously self-taught and innocent of all knowledge). She happened to be working on the day I admired the bag. ...

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