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The Same Sweater Twice: Rut or Groove?


Dear Kay, This will be brief, because a) I am binge watching Madam Secretary and really need to find out whether Secretary of State Tea Leoni is going to resolve that Moldovian airplane hijacking. And b) this sweater is possibly the least photogenic knitting project I have ever attempted. When I say this looks better in real life, you will say, “Good grief, I hope so.” The Good News TONS of good news! This Moroccan Nights sweater...

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Imperfection, Tasty Imperfection


Dear Kay, Coming up for air here to show proof of knitting. I hope you all are getting done whatever it is you are trying to get done. Around here it’s college applications (the road to hell is paved with supplement essays) (if you don’t know what those are, YOU ARE LUCKY), exams (reliving the Civil War with an eighth grader, and I’m not just talking about history), and daily care and feeding of two teenagers. (We made hot...

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Knitting Just Kicked My Butt


Dear Kay, In ten years of blogging, I don’t think that we have ever had a simul-botch. There’s a first time for everything. LOOK AT THIS THING: It’s TWISTED. The other day, you Instagrammed a photo of a woefully twisted piece of knitting. My thought was, Empathy. Been there. My second thought was, I am having such fun getting started on my Carpino Sweater by Carol Feller, featured in the new Wool People 6. It is a top-down...

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