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Snippets: 42,799 Sock Patterns to Consider


Dear Kay, In anticipation of the One-Sock Knitalong that begins on Monday, May 16, I’m thinking about sock patterns. As I write, there are 42,799 patterns in the Ravelry pattern database for the category Accessories/All Feet/Legs. In a historic first in the knitting universe, I will here rank all 42,799 patterns in order, from my least favorite to most. #42,799 through #42,510: Barefoot Sandals. C’mon, this is the worst of both...

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New Directions in Sock Knitting


Dear Ann, I love handknit socks. I have cherished handknit socks made by world-class sock-knitting pals, and I currently am wearing the heck out of socks that were “hand knit” on old-fashioned machines that crank out one sock at a time. But when it comes to knitting socks myself, I demur.  Someday, I’ll get the urge. Until then, I have plenty of other uses for fingering weight yarn. Despite my socknosticism, I was intrigued...

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Don’t Stand and Watch

Don't Stand and Watch - 1

Dear Kay, Top Tennis Tip #2 from my spring break tennis experience: “Constant Movement: Hit and move—don’t stand and watch.” I am beginning to think that tennis and knitting are the same thing. The same motions repeated over and over. The thrill of a decent serve; the agony of a bad bind-off. The blisters! The backbiting! The bad calls! Speaking of bad calls . . . I mulled the bind-off situation for the Diminishing Rib...

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Dateline: Inside Cat Bordhi’s Brain

Dateline: Inside Cat Bordhi's Brain - 1

Dear Kay, (My suitcase showed up, you’ll be relieved to know. Those cones of organic cotton chenille are safe with me. You can go back to your moving and Passovering now.) We Arrive at the Oregon Coast And we discover that this was no “Puppet Show and Spinal Tap” situation; the Magical Moebius Festival was definitely the hot ticket at the Shilo Inn in Newport. As incredible as it may seem, I have never been to a knitting...

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Dateline: Southeast Portland

Dateline: Southeast Portland - 1

Dear Kay, So last night when I had finally disembarked from two legs of air travel with the 105 members of the Camas High School Papermakers marching band, the lost baggage clerk asked, “If we were to open your bag–if the tag was missing–what sort of recognizable items would we find in it?” “Yarn. It was about 50 pounds. A bunch of knitted stuff in there, but mostly, yarn.” Such a poetic end to our little...

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