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The Gaping Maw, Or, Freaky Steeky

The Gaping Maw, Or, Freaky Steeky - 1

Dear Kay, It’s Steek-cutting Thursday! Come on and enjoy the thrill of chopping a hole in your knitting. It just never gets old to me. This is the left shoulder of the Donegal sweater. This sweater is knit in the round. Whenever there needs to be a hole in the sweater (neck opening, sleeve holes), you work a batch of checkerboard stitches that will not be visible in the finished sweater. Makes it easy to work Fair Isle when you...

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Monday Morning Weigh In: No Pain, No Gain

Monday Morning Weigh In: No Pain, No Gain - 1

Dear Kay, Progress on the Alice Starmore Donegal extravaganza continues. This is absolutely the least efficient means of manufacturing a sleeve that I have encountered. These Rowan Donegal Lambswool yarns continues to amaze and amuse. At night it’s so dim that Bramble and Pickle are indistinguishable. Elderberry and Roseberry might as well be the same color. But in the light of day, it’s pretty dazzling to see. One sleeve to go, a...

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The Remembrance of Knits Past, Or, WHAT WAS I THINKING?

The Remembrance of Knits Past, Or, WHAT WAS I THINKING? - 1

Dear Kay, Moving ON. Powerful urge to plow ahead into the future, into knits unknown, horizons yet to be seen. The shock of the new. More like the shock of the OLD. After the long-haul pleasures of that Thorn shawl (thank you all for your supportive comments, and my apologies for offending Chicago Bears fans), I craved some color that I knew I would love. At the foot of my desk, for many months now, has been a plastic bag filled with a knitting...

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Going All In

Going All In - 1

Dear Kay, Have you seen the new Twist yet? I’m liking Sivia Harding’s Dryad. It’s not a square, a rectangle, nor a circle: it’s . . . ovalish! And I’m intrigued by Alasdair Post-Quinn’s Introduction to Double-Knitting: The Four Winds Hat.” Video tutorials and everything. Bless him! I’ve never tried double-knitting, but it’s probably twice as fun as single knitting, right? I admire...

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Trying to Fix What Can’t Be Fixed

Trying to Fix What Can't Be Fixed - 1

Dear Kay, MUCH has happened since last I wrote. My duties as one of four co-chairs of the Eighth Grade Pancake Breakfast are now complete, after a 3 am wakeup and a respectable serving of 1,500 breakfasts on Friday morning. The only mishap, other than running out of sausage and pancake cooks who did not want to stop making pancakes, happened here: (That’s 3,700 pieces of bacon being laid out to meet its destiny. The stuff of dreams and...

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