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Shabbat Shalom, Baby Girl

Shabbat Shalom, Baby Girl - 1

Dear Ann, So, yesterday I packed Carrie off to Israel with a bunch of other teenagers and a few brave and generous leadership-type souls. There she goes. They were rushing to get to Jerusalem by sundown for shabbat. Having never been in Jerusalem for shabbat, or even an ordinary sunset, I am a little envious. Stones are only stones, but as Reb Jack White and the Raconteurs have pointed out, some stones will shout. By more or less...

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Ready for the Soak Pot

Ready for the Soak Pot - 1

Dear Ann, Here in Manhattan, last Friday/Saturday’s snowstorm was really just a very nice snowstorm. We enjoyed it a lot, while suffering none of the treacherousness endured by those to the north and east. Olive particularly enjoys a nice snowfall. She hates things that are cold and/or wet, but she loves snow. Our Olive contains multitudes. After a single walk in the snow, she sleeps for a minimum of 5 hours, out cold and snoring...

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The Shock of the New

The Shock of the New - 1

Dear Ann, I hate football. At a tender age, I watched a lot of midget football practice and could not comprehend why none of the grownups seemed to notice the brutality–physical and spiritual– that I found so upsetting. That’s my version of events and maybe not my brother’s, but the memories stuck with me as a permanent aversion. (I love Friday Night Lights. I contain multitudes.) (I look forward to your...

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