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Breaking News: Outbreak of Stocking-Making in Montana

Breaking News: Outbreak of Stocking-Making in Montana - 1

Dear Kay, Drop everything, including that pile of overdyed wool fabric, to go see what happens when a bunch of intrepid women decide to learn how to make a Christmas stocking. This is, as you know, the New Ancestral Christmas Stocking from Mason-Dixon Knitting Outside the Lines. Abby, who apparently is known to recycle yarn for her projects, taught an eight-week class in Christmas-stocking manufacturing, but it sounds like it was mostly an...

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Countdown, Leaning, and Liftoff

Countdown, Leaning, and Liftoff - 1

Dear Kay, It’s getting rugged around here. Can’t really eat enough: Twelve pieces of Nashville Toffee Co. toffee, Eleven pounds of pecans, Ten powdery cookies, Nine giant cupcakes, Eight more pieces of toffee, Seven rolled-up pieces of salami, Six glasses of wine, Five cups of DIP. Four crudites, Three bourbon balls, Two pounds of pig And some more toffee to finish the box. The State of the Tree As of Tuesday morning 10:43 am CDT . ....

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Unbreakable Christmas

Unbreakable Christmas - 1

Dear Kay, I’m not one to stress out about Christmas, but in the past couple of days, I have found myself behaving like somebody who is . . . knitting on a deadline. Because I AM. Back in July, shortly after the birth of our newest fambly member, I started a New Ancestral Christmas Stocking, just as I promised myself I would do forevermore, whenever a new fambly member arrived, or there was a baby who needed a Christmas stocking, or a baby...

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