Sheeple Get Ready: Rhinebeck 2015


Dear Ann and Everybody, So, I get one day at Rhinebeck this year: Saturday. I want to make the most of it. In Rhinebecks Past, I have run around for 7 hours in a fevered state of excitement (which I enjoy). Sometimes I find myself in the same barn, looking at the same beeswax Santas, two or three times. I know I am looking for Something Special, but I get blown off course by running into a friend, or getting starstruck, or gazing into one of...

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Eight Yarns, One Sweater: Ecru Swamp


Dear Kay, The pile of yarn doesn’t seem to be getting any smaller. I knit and knit and knit, yet the ecru yarn persists. It’s . . . spawning. There must be five miles of ecru yarn here. It does not help that I am being offered skeins of ecru yarn. Kay, you may NOT offload your ecru yarn in my direction, for any purpose. I am not going to accept it! If I get out of this thing alive, it will be because I told the UPS guy to return...

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Eight Yarns, One Sweater: Facing the Goblins


Dear Kay, In the interest of not thinking about anybody’s derriere today, we’re going to move along to some wholesome, family-oriented knitting. (I have to say that having one’s traffic quintuple due to a well-placed lopi sweater is something we are going to have to think about, going forward. We are obviously doing the blog all wrong.) I’m not going to lie. The eight-yarned Spinnaker sweater is at the point,...

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The Business

The Business - 1

Dear Ann, Fall is Knitting Book Season. New knitting books are coming out fast and furious. People may not be familiar with the Mason-Dixon Knitting Editorial Policy on Book Reviews. These unfamiliar people may include you and me. But what I’ve gathered, from our 8 years plus of blogging, is that we generally talk mainly about things we like. Which doesn’t mean that we are easy to please. In fact, I think we’re kind of...

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Now With More Chewing

Dear Ann, I just discovered Clara’s video tour of Rhinebeck 2010. It says a lot about Rhinebeck. And a little about Clara. (Example: Clara likes sheep. Who knew?) All of the fun, none of the calories (or the Holidome-a-roma). ...

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