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Cumberbatch Spawns Knitting Project


Dear Kay, Benedict Cumberbatch has a demented legion of fans, and I like the guy. He’s a great Sherlock, and a fine codebreaker. I think. I confess I don’t remember much about The Imitation Game except Keira Knightley’s cardigan. I am quite possibly The Number-One Superfan of Keira Knightley’s Cardigan Featured in The Imitation Game. Deliciously dowdy. Only in a movie with the most intense brainiac nerds could a...

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Throwback Thursday: Tamatori Backstage Edition

Dear Ann, I worry that people are insufficiently roused to knitting cowls. What they need is: more cow(l)bell. (Sorry.) More oddly styled season-inappropriate photos of winter neckwear! These shots were taken over Labor Day weekend. We had the cowls. We had the cowl models. (We had the terrier.  See under photographer’s arm.) We didn’t have the cowl weather.   We had to think fast. We had to be open to possibilities. What...

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Delirious New Year!

Delirious New Year! - 1

Dear Kay, Well, here we are–into the Mayan apocalypse, over the fiscal cliff, right on into a brand-new year of handknits and whatnot. We are not going to talk about guns today. Anybody who wants to talk about guns can go find one of the many, many websites where you can rattle on all day about them. Hope everyone had a pleasant New Year’s Eve. We laid low last night, with me dragging down the frivolity level 100% due to the flu. At...

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